A bold statement….

A bold statement in plain and simple colours

Last year I went with a group to visit the Islamic Museum of Australia  in Thornbury, Melbourne.  While there were loads of interesting things to see inside what did catch my eye even before we walked through the door was this mural on the wall near the entrance.

Painted for the opening in 2014, we visited in 2019 and considering the number of people who would’ve walked past, possibly running their fingers over the brush strokes, there was still a fresh clean newly painted look to it. Looking back down the slope the black grey yellow and white colourings look different, softer, not so definined.  Possibly something to do with the way the light fell on the wall    https://www.janetradyfineart.com/artist/Sabah_Arbilli/biography/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Museum_of_Australia

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  1. Rumi’s poems FREQUENTLY speak to me. Pithy encapsulations of wisdom. And gentleness.
    I think it was a poem of his which said that poetry is the language of the heart.
    That stylised calligraphy is beautiful too. Which is true (for me) of a lot of Islamic art. Some mosques are spectacularly beautiful.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post EC. There’s a certain simplicity to Rumi’s work isn’t there?
      I remember the glorious mosques we saw in Istanbul – spectacularly beautiful indeed.


    1. It’s certainly an interesting place Andrew. Lots to see and admire. We had a little private bus to take us so not sure how close public transport is. There’s only a tiny car park so it could mean street parking- well worth the trip though


    1. I suppose different artists have their own style and ‘take’ on various art forms. The information on the ‘plaque’ I included has his credentials


    1. Hello Dora. There was indeed some delightful mosaic work inside the museum.
      Thanks for popping in – when I get a spare minute I’ll be over to see your blog. Do you do tea as well as coffee??


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