Give it a go….

It was during one of my ‘self seeking’, ‘leave my poor me behind’ moments at the end of last year that I decided 2020 was to be my ‘give’ year.

‘Give it a go’ seemed one of the ways to ease myself into the mood and that’s when I thought about my knitting ; these days without Kiera (my Brown Shadow) to keep me company it’s my knitting I turn to in times of stress.

Do you remember my attempt a couple of years ago at trying to resurrect old skills – knitting in the round in this case.

I decided once was enough where that was concerned but knew there was another way to get round the ‘bother’ of  knitting each piece (back, front, sleeves) then having to sew together to construct the garment.  Yes, lazy and impatient are us these days😎

There was a method I’d heard of but never tried – knitting top down.  Some online knitters had mentioned this as being easy peasy, especially for babies and children’s woollens but first I had to do a little reading before I gave it a go.

After looking at oodles of sites online I found this website full of patterns – many in the top down fashion – best of all…..easy and mostly free – I knew I’d hit on a winner!

This is what I chose as my introduction to this style of knitting.  Using straight needles with increases at regular intervals to form the back and the sleeves, so simple I wonder why I never tried it before .   Me being me, I adapted the pattern to add another colour –

During those recent lazy days onboard with my needles, wool and a screen shot of the pattern to keep me company  this is what I came up with as my first ‘gift’ for 2020 to go into the winter charity box

Wonder what’ll be next?

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    1. Vivien It was one of those things I wished I’d tried before. It gave me hours of pleasure seeing the little cardigan grow before my eyes. Definitely one method I’ll be using again

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  1. I love top down knitting. When you’re done, you’re done. I seem to be stuck in sox these days, but that’s good. I do love good wool socks.

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    1. My Irish granny used to knit socks. Fair isle ones that my uncle showed off during his stage routines. He was a professional comedian- yes we’re all a strange lot on my father’s side😊


  2. I haven’t chosen any set “word” this year – rather I’ve set a few minor challenges that may become permanent or maybe not…none of them are really earth shattering … and some may actually be personally helpful

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    1. Cathy, my mother used to say – just do something, Doesn’t have to be earth shattering, just a little something. So here’s hoping all those little things combined will find you fitter and healthier as the year goes by


  3. Hello Germaine Happy New Year! It’s a great website isn’t it, I’m glad you enjoyed looking through all the delicious things on offer


  4. That’s a very sweet little cardigan Cathy. I like your choice of colours too. Top down sounds like it would work. Its been ages since I knitted (paint brushes have taken their place ;D)).
    Its a good feeling to contribute something and yours will be so welcomed by a new Mum and bub xx


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