To give or not to give….

So……talking to a friend about  the modern trend of selecting a personal ‘word’ to focus on and guide you through the year,  I happened to mention I felt I’d been quite self centred over the past year, there’d been a lot of ‘me, me, me’ going on in my life in various forms so had chosen Give for 2020.

‘But you’re always giving she said, maybe you should try taking something back instead’

‘That’s not the idea, I said. Doesn’t work that way’ 😊

There are so many ways I can give but what I really need to think about is  how I give, who I’m giving to,  why I’m giving,  what I’m giving,  whether what I’m giving is right for that situation.

I’m hoping that by taking time and contemplating all that I can give, I’ll be a much happier healthy more loving peaceful person than I am at the moment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How about you?

Resolutions- goals- words to live by?

What do ‘you’ think about at the start of a new year?

12 thoughts on “To give or not to give….

    1. I’ll have to ask Mr G about Wabi Sabi EC. It’s a term I’ve not come across before.
      I’m not sure where this giving idea is going to take me but I’m hoping I enjoy the journey


    1. Sending big virtual hugs to both you and Leo Helen. Without you he would be lost I’m sure.
      The more I’ve thought about ‘giving’ the more intrigued I am with ways and means so I’m not sure what I’ll get up to 😊

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  1. I’ve skipped “a word” this year…as I’m taking small challenges, to see if they could better parts of my life that need “bettering” – none of the challenges have finished, all WIP

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