If it wasn’t so awful….

I’m back from my sea view break but just to say Hello and Happy New Year.

A couple of pictures capturing our only ‘contact’ with these horrendous Victorian fires

If it wasn’t so awful I’d label them

‘Smoke gets in your eyes’ and ‘Red sky in the morning’

Limited visibility on the beach at sleepy Cowes on Philip Island last Friday – somewhere out there is a cruise ship at anchor.

Our view of the ‘fire in the sky’ as we sailed past the Bairnsdale area on Sunday……………just a couple of days ago

Bye ’til next week

8 thoughts on “If it wasn’t so awful….

  1. How lovely is Phillip Island. How spoiled it has become by numbers visiting. Interesting that some cruise ships now call into Phillip Island.


  2. And the smoke is now in Chile 6000km away and can be seen from space. I am glad you’re back and safe and I wish you the best in 2020.



  3. It is so awful for the people losing their homes but I am also so sorry for the wildlife. At least you were not affected too much by it.


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