‘Tis the season to be giving….

There are many bloggers out there who have ‘giveaways’ where they give little gifts to other bloggers.  There are also many who donate time energy (and finances) to charities.

One of these is Hugh from Hugh’s Views & News who is giving in more ways than one.

This Christmas season he is asking a little from bloggers so he can give a lot to charity.  Pop over and take part in his appeal by leaving a link to your blog.  That’s all there is to it – a little time taken for a big reward all round.


Thanks for that – yes, ‘Tis certainly the time for Giving.


6 Replies to “‘Tis the season to be giving….”

  1. What a lovely gesture. Thank you, and him.
    My own Christmas contribution will be shifts on the phone at Lifeline, supervisory shifts ditto, and contributing to the homeless at our local Early Morning Centre.
    I hope your Christmas is wonderful.


  2. Thank you also EC
    Unselfishly giving your time to give help and reassurance to others on days when many others in your community are having big ‘eat drink and be merry’ ‘let’s ignore the rest of the world’ times.


    1. There definitely are Andrew. I remember the ‘dog shoots’ in Cyprus, just one way of dealing with strays. Not all of the rangers were sharp shooters – ’nuff said!


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