What to say….

It was  difficult no it was  bl***** hard to stay cool calm and collected – and quiet –  when the driver sitting beside you reverses into a stationery vehicle.   Hard not to yell (read that as scream) “I told you to watch out, I told you there was something behind you”.  Hard not to wonder why ……even though we had begun to move backwards……he was  ‘still getting comfortable’  instead of checking the reversing camera.

What do you say when there is a ding in the back of his car, when he stands there shaking his head, when there’s not a scratch on the other vehicle.  Well, there wouldn’t be would there – it was a ute with a shiny metal tray back with pointy edges which wasn’t even moving.

What do you say when you hear the words “thank goodness for insurance” when you really wanted to hear “are you ok?”  When you’re racking your brain wondering where you’re going to find ‘what doesn’t look like a large amount on paper’ excess but in reality $650 is a fair whack of cash to part with at short notice.

What do you say when he is carless while it is being repaired and you catch the look on his face after you tell him “no he can’t use yours to go to the golf course, that you have your own life to live and you had something planned for the next two days”.   Childish, I know but I wasn’t in the mood to be the little woman who gave into her man – and I did have things planned (and written on the calendar) for the next couple of days.

What do you do at that point – but look at each other and laugh

No words were really needed to say sorry.  But we did  – quietly – to each other 😊

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