Getting to know you…

Thank you all for the comments on my last post – I feel I know a lot more about you – and your names – than I did before.

I ‘was’ hoping to hear from what I call my silent readers – those who some bloggers call lurkers – those who read and leave without saying a word – never mind it’s good to see them all the same.  Maybe some will become less shy as time goes by.

Possibly I don’t talk about things they feel they can comment on so perhaps I’ll have to think about content.  I’m not a ‘Best Buy’ sort of person who talks about cheapish food and reduced groceries, my recipes are usually off the top of my head using what’s in the cupboard so food plans never get made.  Yes, I have clear outs but once things have gone out the door I wouldn’t be able to remember what was in the bag I dropped off at the op shop.  It’s gone from my head the minute it’s gone from my house.  And I’m certain you really don’t want to hear about my aches and pains.

At the moment I’m in Echuca, north of the state on the Murray, having a break with a couple of old friends plus The Golfer.  The beautiful weather we had anticipated (going by what the bureau had forecast)  didn’t eventuate,  the hIgh winds, thunder, lightning, rain and  hail we’ve had so far weren’t part of the deal when we left home the other day.  There has been sunshine but it’s been quite cool so it’s a good job I brought a range clothing and not just the ones suitable for forecasted 30oC days.  A drive out to Deniliquin yesterday kept us dryish (and warm….in the car) Today after a little ‘cruise’ up the river it looks like we may be going to the cinema instead of walking round town and along the river bank.

 Need to put my thinking cap on now for blog post topics. Any and all suggestions are most welcome .  See you next week….if not before 🤗

7 thoughts on “Getting to know you…

  1. It’s good to know that inaccurate weather forecasts aren’t just a British thing – what would we have to talk about if they were always (or ever) right?


  2. It’s a bit hot across the ditch…I read somewhere the heat drifted over here from you place!

    I’m not a big baking/cook doer either…of course, I’m fond of the weather, but also what I get up to during the time allotted to us all. That can include “nothing, walkabouts in my own city, art making, and fiddling about…”


  3. Your entire last paragraph would be a few blog posts at least, I suspect! 😉

    I’ve got to get back into blogging, have just been too busy these past few months. We haven’t even had time to do our regular fortnightly shop, it has all been top up as we need it which is very unlike us. We just did our first full shop in three months and it was a doozy.

    I try to use my phone to document things these days because I am very liable to forget otherwise. I’ll actually send a message to the other half if I bump myself on something because I will completely forget all about it after the pain disappears and then spend days wondering how I got that bruise. 😉


  4. Hi Cathy – I love reading all your blog posts -just be yourself and don’t worry about comments – you will find some readers will never comment – I am sure they have their reasons and maybe just prefer to read along.


  5. One idea for you, although I don’t know if it would make people comment or not. I would love to see some photos of where you are as I have never been to Australia and I know it is quite different to here.


  6. Enjoy your time in Eucha.
    After reaching just under 40C last week we started this morning at 4C (which I much prefer). The weather is just plain weird isn’t it?
    New posts? Whatever you fancy. I will happily read whatever floats your boat.


  7. Bang on about your aches and pains. We will make sympathetic comments while not really caring. (She is getting on a bit).Topics, moving into your new home, why you live where you live, and posts to follow about how you ‘fixed’ your home. Peoples histories are always interesting.


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