Monday came, Monday went

And no post eventuated

Lets just say an infection arrived- one we don’t normally talk about.

You know the one when you have to pee…..constantly (painfully)

Things are a little better, antibiotics are a marvellous invention.

Lots of water and rest needed.

I’m taking a little time off, I’ll see you another day.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t return, as they are won’t to do.

9 thoughts on “Monday came, Monday went

    1. I’ve only heard of Cranberry juice being recommended for UTIs Andrew. Is black currant juice the in thing now? Ural is good for taking the ‘sting’ away (it neutralises the acidic properties of the urine) but in the end antibiotics are necessary evil


  1. If you can get it there, D-mannitol (form of alcohol sugar), 1 tsp in water at the first sign of a UTI, works like a miracle for me.Apparently the chemical structure attracts the bacteria and they get flushed out instead of establishing a foothold…. but “your mileage may vary!”


    1. Thanks for the tip Leilani, I’m not sure if what you’re recommending is available over the counter here but I’ll investigate and keep it in mind.
      It’s been many years since my last infection- hopefully it’s many years until the next…….preferably never.


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