Wordless Wednesday…….Heroes

Come in all shapes and sizes

And do the strangest things

My favourite painting from the recent Heysen exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne


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20 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday…….Heroes”

    1. There was just something about this painting that kept me entranced.

      The rural work of Hans Heysen (Nôra’s father) is well known – not so much that of Nôra. This was done during her time as a war artist in PNG – much to The Golfer’s annoyance I kept going back to that ‘gallery’ for another look.

      Even now when I look at the photo I took I see a strong Aussie soldier who just wanted to get a job done and then have a smoko break


    1. Some wordless posts are great for others a word here or there seems ok Andrew.
      I didn’t have the radio on this morning- going through Jon Faine withdrawal at the moment- LaTrioli isn’t a favourite of mine


    1. Those that ‘blazed the trail’ made things a little easier for the ones following behind – if anything could go more easily in those circumstances.


    1. Nora did a good job didn’t she Bill. She spent several years with the Australian forces in PNG as a war artist in WW2 – there were many of her works in the exhibition, this was the one that really caught my eye.


  1. And he certainly must have been a magnificent shape and size!!!!!!! And complete, with his “Dearest” bulldozer. What a fantastic word picture, as well as painting…

    A beloved Cousin of mine, was in the Pacific, in WWII. Marrianna Islands… at one time. He too was in the Engineers. Said they always were the first to go in. Because they had to build the roads, etc., for the rest of the military, to come in after them. -smile- “Bluey” would probably have agreed!

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my post!



    1. It is a good painting isn’t it.
      Most ‘country’ boys were in good shape in those days – hard work on the land did that to them
      Lovely to see you Wisps – don’t be a stranger. Come and visit again some time.


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