I had a little chuckle…..

The time in some of our states and territories here in Australia changed a couple of weekends ago.  Here in Victoria we are now running on Daylight Savings Time ….or.Summertime as I like to call it 😎

Not a favourite move for some people but you’ll hear no complaints from me – until it’s time to return to Eastern Standard time because that means Autumn and Winter are on their way.

i know the UK (not sure about other northern hemisphere countries) will be altering their clocks this coming weekend.  So taking into account our springing forward and their falling back the time difference between me and my next sister and baby brother stretches out to 11hrs….which believe it or not causes me more confusion (what time is in England??) than during our winter when it’s 9hrs.

Anyway this little ‘guide’ is what I’m chuckling over.

Let’s just say I’m in agreement with the car radio sentiment.

Because it’s such a faff trying to change the clock in my car, it stays the same all year round- I just have to remember when it’s showing the correct time!

Which it is at the moment – I think 😊😊

10 thoughts on “I had a little chuckle…..

  1. however, I wish there was some sort of magic internal clock – I’m still not on summertime with my body clock! And at the moment I’m on some antibiotic that need to taken 4 x a day (finish in a few days) with food, so factoring in some other food…made it even worse, considering some of my usual days are just 2 proper food breaks! But as friends keep reminding me “you’ve alive…” 🙂


  2. I remember changing my car clock about a week before it was due to be changed back – to avoid that mistake again I made a laminated instruction sheet to keep in the glove box so it was handy when I needed it.


  3. It it only at changeover time that I realise just how many bloody clocks we have. Most of which I diligently change.
    My watch is the exception. I rarely wear it and the process is counter intuitive.


    1. Daylight saving time is my nemesis. My body needs so much time adjusting that I have 1 or 2 months a year where my body clock and the clock on the wall agree.
      Already for some time now the mornings have been dark here. We change backnow – way too late – come Sunday, but now there’s talk of keeping permanent Daylight Saving Time in EU: Bugger! winter mornings with sunrise at almost 10 o clock. They’re mad!. Sorry. DST pushes my rant button.


  4. I think we’re all total eejits to accept this policy. Truly, Like a wise old shaman said a long time ago we are just cutting a section off a blanket and stitching to the other side. The blanket stays the same. It is a kind of madness?

    Who benefits? I hate when darkness falls at 4 however briefly. And then summer to 10pm.



  5. It’s easier than it used to be. Car clock is changed by sat nav. TV, digital recorder, digital bedside clock radio all change themselves. Strangely the landline phone doesn’t change itself. The desktop no longer asks “Would you like to change your computer time to daylight saving time?” It just does it.


  6. I’m with the DST protesters, some people like the extra hours of sun in the morning, others prefer it in the evening. I say leave it up to nature!


  7. We don’t shift our clocks here in Hawaii, but when we lived in Illinois, that was always not a lot of fun to have to do. Now I have to remember how many hours it is between us and our kids every time we go to daylight savings.


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