I’ve been thinking…..

Thinking about how quickly this month is going by.

Here we are into the third week already, there’s something marked on most of the  upcoming days and I’m still trying to get to grips with things that happened during the first week!

  • Thinking about how most of Victoria must be fed up with our changeable weather.  What we think of as Spring weather (dry sunny and pleasantly warm) seems to be taking a long time to arrive – cold wet and windy are the order of the day with a teaser thrown in here and there.
  • Thinking about the days we spent with no landline and consequently no internet courtesy (it finally turned out) of the NBN line layers working in our and nearby streets.  The Telstra technician who came (read that as finally turned up days later) to ‘find’ the fault……over $100 to pay if it was on our side of the socket (entry point) nil if on the other……mentioned it could (more than likely, would) happen again if ‘they’ had to work in the pit opposite our house.
  • Thinking about for one reason or another I seem to have spent an awful lot of time waiting  these past weeks.  So many queues – so many waiting rooms.  Luckily I plan for delays and take a book (or knitting) –  good for some situations, a bit awkward in some 😊
  • Thinking about a CT scan and how previous findings marked moderate are now read as severe.  How changes happen without you really noticing until, bam, they are very noticeable.
  • Thinking about other readings (BP) and how they have suddenly changed.  Family history and pain can do that, the GP said.  We’ll change your medication- ‘cept the chosen one may have side effects.  Like what, I asked.  Oh swollen ankles, nothing to worry about.  Well we’ll cross that bridge when or if we get to it.


So you don’t think I’ve only had ‘pain in the a****’ things to think about…..I’ve been

  • Thinking about how pleased I am that choir rehearsals have begun again (for me that is). There is a U3A promotional concert tomorrow morning so it’s been hectic but fun catching up on songs learnt and practiced while we were away.
  • Thinking about how lucky we are here in Melbourne to attract international exhibitions at the NGV.  The decision we made to leave The Terracotta Warriors until the last week was so well worth the long wait in line.  A late afternoon slot meant there were no crowds, giving us room to move and look at things from different angles.
  • Thinking how glad we checked the pile of gift cards languishing in the bedroom – we forget when they run out – and there was a Gold Class (cinema) one, obviously a present from last year because it was due to expire this month.   The Golfer signed up for a new seniors scheme run by the cinema chain which meant we received discount on the seats as well as food; and you know how they charge like a wounded bull so we were able to have more to eat than originally planned 😊
  • Oh and Downton Abbey was what we saw.  I didn’t watch the tv series so not knowing all the back story, to me it was just a grand showy film about the goings on in a ‘big house’ – twists and turns and what seemed to me an ending that left a way for another production about the same characters.

And then there was someone and something I’ve been thinking of for a few weeks now.

Not long after my dear friend died last month her daughters popped in with a gift.  They’d been ‘spreading their mother’s love’ around her friends and would like us to have something of hers.  A bag of mill ends  from Spotlight 😊  Their mother knit for various charities and that was what they wanted us (the recipients) to do.  No problem where I was concerned- I was to knit something for charity and they’d drop in again sometime to see what I’d come up with.

They did pop in again- Just the other day – And this is what I showed themTwo small cardigans (size 3 months) and enough wool left for two more 😊

Are you willing to share the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in your life at the moment?

18 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking…..

  1. You are a fast knitter and the cardies look so good. No internet? I would die. Spring is changeable. Stop moaning. But then we are getting towards the end of October. The BP tablets I assume reduce your blood pressure by reducing your fluid levels, sending it down to you ankles. I take them and it never happened to me. I had to go more often initially but not now. It cost us $4.50 to book tickets to see the Warriors, but it was worth as we we were straight in, just last week at the peak old person time of 11. It was very busy though. I enjoyed seeing Downton so much more than any other movie recently. It is exactly what it should have been, light entertainment with a little deepness. I should never go to see movies without a packet of tissues.


    1. We did think about booking at the NGV but decided we’d lunch at the Club and then make our way down later in the afternoon. If it was a very limited season we would have secured a spot but I loathe parting with my cash (booking fee) so took a punt on a quiet time.


  2. Love those cardies.
    Health issues for both my partner and myself (and the cat) have been the bad.
    A difficult house guest – who is on a partially lactose free, partially gluten free, mostly vegetarian diet has been the ugly.
    The good has been the incredible beauty around us.


    1. Here’s hoping it’s all good from now on EC. Glad the ‘ugly’ was staying at your house and not mine – they’d have been cooking for themselves here 😊


  3. Good- time spent with grandsons last weekend and anticpating a visit from youngest son. Bad, delays, and problems with a big plan which is depressing me big time. Ugly- the kitchen tap is broken, do I nag husband or call plumber, will plumber even turn out for a washer?
    I think it’s just life isn’t it? Hope you feel better soon and the weather perks up. I shoud like a week free from rain.


    1. Guess what Cathy, we have some warm sunny days forecast so my moans can stop for a while- I hope you got your wish for some dry days. If it weren’t for the weather what would we have to talk about😊
      Family is always (well nearly always) ‘good…..Taps are often ‘good’ when they aren’t giving us trouble. Has your ‘ugly’ turned into good? I’m sure you’ll tell us all in good time if your ‘bad’ turns into ‘good’….won’t you??


  4. Good times…the garden is just lovely and the ylang ylang tree is in full flower.
    Bad times…the usual health problems manifesting themselves and having to sack my cleaning woman after she told my husband that I had underpaid her for her hours. As I usually round up her wage to help her out a bit I resent that considerably and off she goes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear Helen, are cleaners easy to come by? I wonder what got up her nose to do that. How did Leo take it – her ‘complaining to him’ and you having to go through the rigmarole of looking for another?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She has a husband who grabs her wages, which is why I usually gave her a top up for herself. I feel sorry for her situation but small things lead to larger things in my experience and with employment law being what it is here best she goes now. Leo furious at the try on…feeling that we paid her top whack as it was with all her employment rights.
        Good cleaners are hard to come by….but better a smeary window or two short term than a long term problem.


    1. Hello Diane. Great to see you after your long break. I’ve recently been reading on some blogs that WordPress has been ‘playing up’, some bloggers are reporting all sorts of problems with comments. I found yours (this one) in my spam folder. You are definitely not a spammer lol
      Looking forward to your return visit and the long and rambling comment ( if you can remember it 😎)


  5. You have been a busy girl.
    It’s lovely you got the yarn to continue your friends work.
    I sure she is looking down with a huge smile on her face


  6. I know what you mean about ‘waiting’. Waiting for hospital letters, waiting for test results, waiting in for contractors or timed deliveries. Before I retired, I never imagined I would spend so much time ‘waiting’.
    I have currently been waiting for the weather to get better. It has rained every day here (with just four exceptions) since the middle of September. As it is torrential this morning, it seems I have been waiting in vain.
    Many thanks for following my blog, Cathy. I’m glad you got your Internet restored.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Don’t laugh Pete – it’s actually a ‘re follow’. Fiddling around with blogs on my reader I managed to unfollow a few. Mind you if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have received your lovely comment would I 😊
      I see on the news there’s flooding as a result of all that rain you’re speaking about. I have family in the Retford district and they’re all talking about it. ☔️ 🚣

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