There once was a time….

Oh yes, there once was a time when I could do lots of things without making a noise 🙄

They really were good times 😊

After groaning  outloud and following up with a quick ‘ouch’ trying to put my shoes on at the GP’s yesterday I ended up having another CT scan on my lower back.  It’s a few years since the initial diagnosis so we’ll see what changes have happened in that time.  Spinal Stenosis can be a pain- in your back, hips, legs, even your bumalumsky lol

October has arrived- dry and sunny and quite warm at the moment…..although I do believe the weather gods have plans to change that.  I changed some of the bedding, removing the ‘spare’ queen size quilt that is used for really cold nights;  since we came back it’s been sitting on the chair looking very forlorn so today I thought a bit of sunshine to air it off would be good and then pack it away for ‘hopefully’ a very long time!

There once was a time when I’d bound down the back steps to hang it over the big line in the back garden but today I got The Golfer to drape it over the little whirligig on the deck.  It was an easy option to get him to do it before he tootled off to the city – I’ll be able to bring it in later without getting tangled up in the line – sure as fate if it was on the big one I’d end up with it over my head as I tried to dislodge it, then fall flat on my face trying to get up the steps!

October means birthdays – mine and The Golfers.  It also means a frantic look through the gift cards in the cupboard to see if any expire this month!

There was a time when businesses would acknowledge customers on their  birthday- you’d get cards in the post, discounts on lots of services, I remember (many many years ago) one of my hairdressers gave a free shampoo and set.  Mine just texts a Happy Birthday greeting now.  One place The Golfer does get a gift from is the club… one time it was a free meal and drink for himself (plus a tiddly little birthday cake) and similar value meal for a guest.Not these days now – just a monetry voucher.

I received a little ‘card’ from the optician the other day.  Oh that’s great, I thought until I turned it over.  Always a catch isn’t there.  Spend $400 to get $100 off – yes 25% – there was a time when I would have jumped at the offer but no good to me now, my days of dressing to impress are long gone lol

Oh dear, look at the time  – it’s nearly 2 o’clock – I spent some time fiddling about on here this morning changing my theme again.  Hopefully I’ll settle on this one even if I can’t get the photos to enlarge if they’re ‘clicked on’

Bye for now.


19 thoughts on “There once was a time….

  1. warm spring weather has flitted away across the ditch…it’s definitely not time to whip the bedding into summer time mode yet…and as for dressing for going out, not doable.

    caught the sight of a very young lass with something that could have been summer shorts, but feel like boxers gone wrong – and then wearing what looked like a woolly acrylic jacket on …. I asked if she was cold, she said “no…” but actually she didn’t really look very happy.

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    1. The weather gods in Melbourne are as fickle as your Cathy. Back to usual Spring temps tomorrow- supposed high of 15c!
      We’d put that big quilt on when it was down low (1c or thereabouts) …..the bedding is adequate now….even though it’s still cool overnight.
      Spring is a feast or famine…hopefully Summer is better


  2. Very warm and very dry here.
    And sadly I hear you on the groaning doing ‘simple’ tasks. I can also remember being able to get off the floor easily (without using my hands to lever myself up). Bigger sigh.


    1. Lol EC there was a young girl doing cartwheels outside the radiology place and I laughed remarking how I’d love to be able to do that again. Her mother turned round as said, so would she. She (the mother) was an arthritic as well.


  3. Oh how I envy you going into summer weather. We are having a very cool fall. Now we will be getting into winter – seems longer every year. I am sure it isn’t it is just time flies as we age. I know what you mean about once upon a time there was a time but sadly things change


    1. Hello Germaine, lovely to see you. We have been waiting for this sunny weather for quite a while, not out of the winter woods yet though. Just as your cooler weather has arrived early our Spring is taking her time and is teasing us with a variety of temperatures.


  4. I wish our weather would make up its mind, hot or cold. I have piles of clothes and blankets spread out around the huse. We had a cold spell, then summer returned. I like the end of summer but definitely don’t like the changeover.
    October is the start of most of our family birthdays. You need to book a massage for your birthday


    1. Lol Anita, as I mentioned elsewhere our weather gods are being really fickle this year. Will I won’t I …..Spring pops in then nicks off again sort reverse action to yours. Warm then cold then warm for you – cold then warm(ish) then cool again for us. Not cold enough for that big quilt thank goodness!
      My back doesn’t take too kindly to massage – I find I feel much better after a visit to the chiropractor. Plus I can claim her on health insurance (not so for remedial massage unfortunately)


    1. Even though Autumn can be a great season after the heat of Summer it’s the anticipation of winter coming that I don’t like Cathy.
      What winter forecasts are your met office giving- hard cold winter or wet and windy or just plain miserable??


  5. The older person’s groans as they get up or down, bend over to put on remove shoes……the list is long. I try not to do that but it just happens. Yes, nothing now for birthday….ah, maybe Myers does. Have to buy calendars at the end of the year now. Spinal stenosis is what my mother has. I wish I could convince here there isn’t a cure but exercise helps, along with pain management. She wants a magic pill. May I ask why you chose the WordPress platform for your blog. Yes, I know it is superior, but not what most people choose.


    1. You right about no magic pill and exercise being the key to relief where SS is concerned Andrew. Unfortunately if ‘things’ don’t feel right or there’s a lot of pain exercise is the last thing want to do. It’s a ‘disease’ with symptoms that come and go, After a big flare up this time last year some chiropractic sessions helped and I’ve been feeling great since then; I was in tip top condition while we were away, yet must have done something awkwardly in the last week for the be aching again.

      Why did I choose WordPress- well originally the blog was on Blogger but one day early 2012 the powers that be over there decided they didn’t like the browser we were using and wouldn’t allow me to post/update anything. The Golfer wasn’t going to change browsers so I moved over. It’s definitely different, I keep thinking about reopening the old Still Waters – even though I deleted all the posts after I’d transferred them to w/press I didn’t actually close the blog down because I often need to use that id for some blogspot blogs that only allow comments from blogger…..if you follow my meaning. One day maybe 😊

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  6. Autumn weather arrived yesterday here, and we may get frost or freezing on Friday night, then much milder after that. We will be out with our plastic sheets Friday afternoon, covering up as much of the garden as we can manage, to keep the produce coming for another few weeks hopefully. Then it is time to start shutting everything outdoors down for the winter. The leaves are turning colour and falling here in Canada.
    I hope the summer weather brings you some relief from your symptoms!!


  7. The Men installed me a drying line on the balcony for the rainy season…plenty of wond and safe – usually – from the rain. Except they installed it just above my reach, so I have to reach back and up to throw things across it…
    Could it not be lowered…well, it could, except that then it would be in the way of the hanging baskets…you can guess which wins…


  8. Once upon a time … I also was able to move without pani, Summers were long and warm, winters short and snowy. Now … I’m cold an achey almost arount the year. Send some youth my way … and Summer.


  9. This resonated with me, Cathy. I wrote a post about ‘Moving noises’ on my blog, as I don’t seem to be able to stand up or sit down without uttering an ‘Ooomph’ these days. 🙂
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Hello Pete. Lovely to see you. Oh those unwanted noises catch us out don’t they lol
      I’ll take some time soon to try and find/search your blog for your noisy post. Do you remember the post title?

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