It’s not all lying around in the sun you know…

That’s what I told an acquaintance (a friend of a friend) the other day…..after she said, “I’d get bored stiff sitting about in the sun all day”

Well I said….’I only visit my special little bay, maybe three mornings a week, for about two hours. Arrive about 9.15am, pack up and leave about 11am…..back to the cabin just in time for coffee with The Golfer when he finished his morning round’

You see, you can take a book along and read on the beach or close your eyes and enjoy the fresh sea air BUT you can’t (or at least I can’t) do any Winter Knitting!  Never mind not wanting sand in your sarnies…..sand in your sweaters is just not on lol

I decided to concentrate on small woollies this year (newborn- 6months), took just two of my basic patterns with me, some white, some solids plus a lot of small balls of this and that…..and came up with 10 little baby cardigans.

Three with crossover fronts – an easy fit for newborns.

Crisp yellow or blue stripes old size 18” (3-6 months) in a timeless medium button style.

Same size but with not enough of the green, pink or grey to make a complete garment, after a little bit of thinking, a bit of visualising, I ended up with two of what I call – half & halves.

Same size again, using the same stitch count, here are three solids made to look a bit different by adding a rib pattern on a couple and a few purl  rows on the ‘right’ side of another.

I spent yesterday finishing off, sewing on buttons, checking I’d actually sewn all the seams and generally making them ready to hand over to the charity.

What’s next for my needles?  Thinking…..Thinking  lol.

I have a lot of wool still to use up and a few ideas in mind.   Maybe something a bit larger….possibly for 2yr olds??

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  1. Love your baby cardigans.
    And I love the way you use up your bits and bobs and always end up with some one off creations.
    Much nicer than the mass produced ones.


    1. Going by the bags of half balls (morsels or random remains as one blogger I know calls them) out in the garage there’s going to be an awful lots of ‘one off creations’ to come Angela 😊

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    1. Summer has yet to come Germaine, and if the truth be told Spring has yet to come. We have a bit of a drive from our house to the beach but try to visit when we can. I’m certainly missing my days of beach sitting over our winter stay in Queensland


    1. Thanks Joanne, I think there’s kindness in most people. Giving in one form or another has been part of my life forever.
      I can’t weave and ‘give gifts of tea towels’ like you, for me there’s an ulterior motive for using my skill of knitting (and then donating) it’s is a way of keeping my fingers moving so is therapy for my arthritis. Use it or lose it😊


  2. We’re should be allowed to spend our time the way we want to…how we enjoy doing so…to please our own self. No always do we have to please others…do what they want us to do. Sometimes we need to be selfish. We don’t have to please others at all times….and should not be critised for pleasing our self!

    You’re a clever lady…beautiful handiwork. They are lovely. 🙂


    1. Lee, I think she just got the wrong end of the stick when I mentioned going away up north to enjoy the sun sea sand and surf as we do during our winter’s stay in Bowen.
      Like many older people she seemed very keen to get her point of view over and as she was a ‘friend of a friend’ (and that friend was there at the time) I chose my words carefully…..explaining yet putting her
      in her place at the same time lol


    1. Thanks EC – I don’t get annoyed anymore (well outwardly) when others speak their mind. I had someone tell me ‘I’m privileged to be able to go away during the winter and please tell me how you manage it on a pension’. That did leave me speechless 😊


    1. Of course Cathy all this related to the couple of months we spent up in Far North Queensland during the winter just gone (July/September). Some people seemed to think that when we up there I spend all day/each and every day just sitting around in the sun.
      I will admit I do enjoy the mornings at Rose Bay, there’s hardly anyone there at that time of the morning so it’s like having my own private beach 😊


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