In again, begin again….

Recently a much needed about turn in attitude was called for…..accept what you can’t change and make what you can of what you’ve got.

‘Right’ is where I’d rather be but honestly ‘Left’ is becoming more ‘right’ these days so it’s almost like being back at the beginning again 😊

And talking of beginning again…..we’re home from sunning it up north….. like Michael Finnegan I’m here to begin again.  Complete with new attitude!!

Now going by the calendar Spring is supposed to be here but going by the recent overnight temperatures there seems to be an awful lot of Winter left…..however the days are getting warmer so I’m going to make the most of them.

I’m not sure what happened in our garden while we were away…..there’s so much damage to some of the plants and bushes it looks like a horde of elephants dropped in and had a party…..which means book reading is on hold (well, for the time being) and the secateurs will be at the ready.  It was so cold and wet before we left, apart from trimming the roses I left everything else to their own devices…….no whingeing , no moaning, no reason to, it’s not cold nor wet, the time to tame has finally arrived!!

9 thoughts on “In again, begin again….

  1. Welcome back.
    You have been missed.
    Good luck on the taming front. I am starting to consider the need for rose pruning. (And was sleeted on when I first went out a few mornings ago).


  2. I’m beginning to think, we should abandon both that calendar of when; and the actual word that a season is! However, on average the over night/morning low temperature is creeping up…across the ditch.

    I don’t have a garden here, and I have a great lawn care man…which means all the edges are nice. I wanted a garden when I came here BUT I also wanted to make art.

    So my “garden is indoors” in the form of many coloured and differently shaped objects. I have a vase of flowers (errr asst pens) on my table, then there are piles of shapely leaves/objects (err papers and things) on shelves; some less artistic than the vase on table I have a big choice of seed packets (read bags of large/small objects) that one day will be things that I can display a bit like the vase of flowers on the work table…and I do have objects on my vertical garden (err attached to the walls)…


  3. Welcome back – it has seemed a long time. Hope you get your garden sorted out – ours here in Scotland was a jungle when we arrived- had left it far too long over the summer because of problems arising.


  4. We had some wild winds while you were away. I’m guessing that’s what’s happened to your garden
    Hopefully the weather turns once the equinox passes
    Keep the faith. We will soon be moaning it’s too hot
    Welcome back


  5. Here in Canada our garden is an autumnal jungle. It is shocking how much produce comes out of seeming vegetative chaos. At least it looks like chaos to me, but Attila knows where every last leaf is, it is his garden, lol. Good luck with taming your garden!


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