Nothing stays the same…

Things change – we know they do.  Nothing stay the same forever. Yet when some changes happen we aren’t always pleased… are we.

We’ve been coming up here for over 10 years now and much has changed…the weather (cyclones and storms) has changed much of the infrastructure.  Money comes and money goes from this little community…..many business’ have closed… and yet others that seem to cater to tourism seem to be thriving

A great deal of the film/movie ‘Australia’ was shot here so it gained a bit of publicity from that…..some businesses are still ‘trading’ on the fact the ‘stars’ were regular customers and I’m sure some locals are still using their ‘extras’ work as ‘dinner party’ conversations 🙂

The lovely place we stay in each time we visit has changed hands.  Previously owned by a local couple, they purchased it (2005) as a very run down caravan park and transformed it into a clean welcoming friendly place with a 4* rating in all the tourist brochures, almost a home from home.  We did know it was up for sale – no investment money around – so each year we’d turn up and be met by Craig and Donna and know we were in good hands.

Anyway last January, just four months after we drove home in the September the new business owners took over.  Now it has a commercial feel about it.  No smiles in the office, a penny pinching feel about the place.  Lots of ‘signs’ about the place….do this, don’t do that.  Washing machines are now xx$ to use, the free to use BBQs are not free any more.  There is some free internet provided, we feel they changed providers because the  service is nothing like it used to be (‘better’ deals are not always better – they service is ‘lousy’ to put it politely)

Items in ours and the other cabins have been depleted, tiny things that ‘made’ the place different to any other cabin we’ve staying in during our travels.  We’ve used the same cabin for the last 8 years so were very familiar with the inventory.


~ ~ c~~c ~ ~c

So I wrote that after a ‘run in’ with the office.  I’m still ropable but coming back down to earth.  I’m in good health, the sun is shining, it’such much warmer than at home, and…..I’ll get over it.

Monday Musings are just that!  Non Verbal ‘Thinkings’ not meant to be Whinges….. but today I’m not in good form.  How’s your Monday shaping up??


9 thoughts on “Nothing stays the same…

  1. Bowen is a nice little town. I love the Bowen beaches, and visited often when I worked out at Collinsville back in the early 90s, always staying at the Rose Bay Caravan Park, in a little cabin on the foreshore…looking out to Gloucester Island. I also managed a resort for a brief…very brief time…at Horseshoe Bay…in 1997.


  2. Sigh.
    I know change is inevitable, but why oh why is it so often regression rathen than progression.
    Forgive me my Monday itinerary has made me a tad grumpy: dentist, followed by a blood test, followed by a pain management review.
    I hope your day has improved.


  3. It is sometimes a mistake to go back to loved places. We have been back lots of times to the Greek island of Thassos, favourite restaurants pulled down or closed, favourite beach now very over crowded, the free shower in our favourite restaurant for people coming off the beach now turned off. I don’t think we will go again. When our boys were little we used to go to Tossa de Mar in Spain. Middle son went again a few years ago and found it so changed he ordered us never to go back.
    As for it being Monday, I have just woken up and eaten breakfast, about to get dressed and head off for my shift in the library. I like Mondays now.


  4. yes it’s funny how the small things…disappear 😦

    my Monday interesting, a incident that wasn’t life threatening but it was annoying as it was one of those “little things” that up until today I could manage without incident happening…Not sure what I will next time I need something “refilled at home…” hate having to ask people to assist; as often those assistants think I should be assisted in a whole lot of other ways…OR they really don’t have time to drop by and help; or they think I should do some-thing else, instead.

    Rest of day dandy…


  5. I wonder if it is because we are seniors and noticing these added things that were once free but now you pay. The next generation will probably not even know how nice and gracious people were. Now in some campgrounds you have to pay for a shower if using a washroom. I guess greed maybe or money is the object now but it is sad the way some things are going. Prices have gone up and I can understand that but the little things like using a BBQ is ridiculous. My Monday is just starting but we are in a heat wave here but I am not complaining. Winter is too long around here. This won’t last long so enjoy it while it lasts.


  6. Monday here is hot, humid, and mildly frustrating. I was going to make organic low-sodium sweet pickles today, but I am missing one ingredient, celery seed. In this heat, and having a wonky vehicle, I am not willing to venture out to buy celery seed, so will have to wait until the cool of evening to move forward with the project. Rats!

    What you describe is what I regard as the “march of money”. Like the locusts described in biblical times, profit-seeking marches across the landscape, eating everything in sight, leaving only the skeletons of what once was, and sometimes not even that.

    I regard this as systemic in nature, a top-down phenomena, rather than a function of people’s personal choices. We all have to survive and we do our best, given our circumstances… the circumstances are usually beyond our control.

    What I miss most is the sense of community, mutual interest, mutual support. The heart of a human places is under attack.


  7. You are missing the freezing cold that welcomed us back to Melbourne. Perhaps snow at your place today. If it doesn’t become clear, I will ask you where you stay, as we well may be next door to you next winter.


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