You had one job….

It wasn’t the best start to the day!

I’d finished my one planned ‘job’ for the day … have a bit of a freezer clear out.   Oh look, four slices of fruit loaf left – just the thing for elevenses.  At 10.30! 😊

One last job – make coffee and fruit loaf for The Golfer and me.  Then we were off out for the day.

Being the polite dutiful wife person that I am…..I served him first – then popped the other two slices in the toaster….minus one corner that had somehow broken off in the freezer.

Result – burnt! And no more left to make me another serving 😥

How on earth could I manage that after all the times/years I’ve used this toaster and never burnt anything before?

Well I’m having the last laugh because I’ve relegated the little so and so back into the cupboard where he…..yes definitely a ‘he’ ….can wait ’til we return and put him to work again.  In a few weeks time!

8 Replies to “You had one job….”

  1. Someone put the evil eye on your toaster, or the toast. Spit on that toaster before you put it away or it will fester and burn the other halfs toast as well next time lol
    Pity you didn’t get to actually eat any of it yourself.


  2. I had a bad experience with my next to last toaster and was pissed off, just over a year old and it clung to everything that was thrown into it with a vice like grip.

    So my 4 year old one now is amazing, it is silent and respectful and discreet and has a tiny ting when it has done it’s level best to give me the exact colour of toast I desire. None of that rowdy expulsion for it, just a delicate noiseless slide upwards.

    Enjoy your vac.



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