A tale of three statues…

I’m a sucker for statues….. a bit like the ‘see food diet’ you know the one where you see food and then eat it…..I see a statue I have to take a photo.

It always annoys me there are so few statues of women that when I do find one I’m like a kid – making a fist then pulling my elbow down to my side and yelling (well more like just saying) Yes…..emphatically!  Finding statues of children brings a different response – more of a maternal interest I suppose.

We were in the city the other day and I finally got to see the controversial  ‘female’ statue that arrived earlier in the year – just before International Women’s Day.  A symbol of gender equality and female empowerment- looks feisty doesn’t she!

Fearless Girl ~ Bronze ~ Kristen Visbal
Federation Square Melbourne ~ 25 June 2019

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We spotted this little girl in Hawaii many years ago.  We came across her while wandering round the park on a hot day, she looked so cool near the pond and The Golfer did his usual trick of saying ‘stand over there’  meaning stand next to her and I’ll take your picture……totally oblivious to the fact the statue was in full sun and I was sweltered.

Joy, as she’s called is dedicated to the children of Hawaii……..She really did look happy……as children should….with her donated leis on her head and in her arms.  Me….I just looked hot – hot and sticky 🙂

Joy ~ Bronze ~ Garry Alsum
Kapiolani Park Waikiki ~ 14 September 2006

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About five miles up the road from Kapiolani Park is the Aloha Tower, and that’s where I  managed to get a photo of another young woman.  Seemingly she represents  ‘Farewell to thee’ a goodbye song written by the later to be Queen Liliuokalani and stands there near the cruise ship terminal, her hips swaying hula style and looking a little sad, usually surrounded by travellers so last year was the first time I was able to get a ‘clear’ shot.

Aloha’Oe ~ Bronze – Pegge Hopper & Leo Rijn
Aloha Tower Honolulu ~ 8 October 2018

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Three young females,  all different.

Depicted as Strong…Independent….Carefree….Happy…. Wistful…..Sad.
I like them all – if asked I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite.
Could you?

(if you’re interested there’s a little bit of information in the links)

8 Replies to “A tale of three statues…”

  1. First statue of that feisty little girl! but I like them all. Female statues here tend to be busts of female female freedom fighters. I can only think of one at the moment but there must be more.
    We are sadly forgotten.


  2. I had never thought about how few statues there are of women, so I shall be on the hunt. Yours are all lovely, my favourite would be the first- Miss Feisty!


  3. That Fearless Girl statue was also installed facing the bull on Wall Street, but then it was taken down. Darn!
    I’ve never seen that statue of the girl at Kapiolani Park which shows you how often we venture into town.


  4. I’m a fan of the first one too. She has ‘attitude’ and reminds me of my younger granddaughter. In Birmingham which is about 15 miles away we have a female statue jokingly known as the ‘floozie in the jacuzzi’. I’ll have to post a photo sometime


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