Treats:- Items that give great pleasure.

The trouble with letting some people loose in warehouse type shopping venues is that they take leave of their senses.

I’m not talking about anyone in particular…..ahem….. but a certain person feels that because he is presented with and then eats proper meals most of the time he is also entitled to let his hair down some of the time.  That’s great in theory but can be hard in practice because his some of the time often morphs into a lot of the time.  He’d happily live on sausage, bacon, eggs, & beans with fried bread on the side or sausage mash and beans or even beans on toast if someone ( that’d be me) wasn’t around to remind him of ‘Dr’s orders’  Losing weight plus lowering cholesterol levels don’t come that easily.

I’m not always a miserable grouch providing him with ‘healthy’ food – I also like the occasional comfort food meal as well as sweet (or even savoury) treats myself.  However I draw the line over some things because I’m not known for my self control – if it’s there and I can see and easily reach it there’s a good chance it’ll end up…..well we all know where it’ll end up 😊

Now as a little aside, it may be because we’re getting older and as oldies are known  to do, we occasionally talk about past treats……..things that reminds us both of our childhood……like toffee.  Not the hard, crack your teeth block type, that you break up with a tiny hammer but the soft chewy, cling to your teeth, individually wrapped in shiny paper ones.

Fast forward to a recent shopping expedition to Costco.   Not for our weekly shop items, more for goods of equal taste and quality to what we would buy elsewhere yet slightly better priced because of the size/quantity available.

It’s not exactly a treat making my way round various aisles, list clutched firmly in hand,  because without it I’m inclined to think …..oh that looks interesting, maybe we’ll try that…and then feel rather uncomfortable trying to deal with sticker shock and till roll panic when the grand total pops up.

It’s certainly not a treat when I’m desperately trying to control a trolley that always seems to be twice my height and girth while The Golfer wanders about ‘just looking’ sort of like a hunter gatherer,  returning with bits of this that and the other, things that are definitely not on my trusty list.  Some people might like them but seaweed chips are not exactly what I had in mind for a weekend snack while watching the footy 😊

Lots of his ‘gatherings’ are returned to the shelves – which is good in a way, because then I don’t need to go to the gym……as twice round the enormous barn like place is plenty of exercise for one day – however I did smile when he suggested we walk to the tills down a certain aisle.  Look what he wanted to buy….. a big 1.25kg container of sugar toffees. That’s over 2.5lbs for those in other lands!

Walkers nonsuch is not a brand I’m familiar with –  but how could I say no to his treat when he pointed out the little label on the side.  Gotta love a man who loves to share    😊😊


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  1. We go to a warehouse type place for the big basics mostly because they supply electric wheelchairs which gives Leo more freedom to roam. Unfortunately the chairs have a shopping basket attached so as I plod round doing my list he will arrive, unload and depart while I try to see what it is he has found this time….anything from a rotisserie oven to a new garlic sauce….
    I would be delighted if he could find those toffees, though…


  2. Himself loves Costco. With a passion.
    I cannot cope with it. He almost always goes on his own and comes home with HUGE quantities of things we use in moderation.
    And HUGE quantities of sweet (and sometimes savoury) treats that we should use in moderation.


  3. That sure is a lot of toffee to share, it might last for some days 😉 I don’t know why, but I had put you in the younger than me-box (which means I saw you as 40ish – in the lower end) so this post was quite the surprise.


  4. Costco is ubiquitous. One recently was built near me, on a former golf course. My friends who helped me straighten up my new place want me to go to Costco–for an area rug!.


  5. I try to avoid the snack aisles at Costco and stick to my list which includes coffee, nuts, raisins and yogurt. If someone put those toffees in my path, I would buy them 🙂


  6. We love going to Costco and Sam’s Club for blueberries, strawberries, dried fruit, nuts, ICE CREAM bars, spring salad, etc. Actually we do enjoy the crispy seaweed/almond snacks.


  7. Walkers is a good toffee and we have Costco here also. That will last you a long time but I love toffee also especial when reading. Can get addictive with me though but everything within moderation. Good choice.


  8. we apparently are going to get a Costco’s here over the ditch…although I think most people would rather it was Ikea. Yep, lots of main stream everywhere else, ain’t here!


  9. Moderation is NOT a Cosco password! I’ve given up on it, after realizing that we never finish what we buy. I can’t stand being wasteful, so better not to even enter the place! To me, shopping at Cosco is an exercise in over-consumption.


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