Say that again…

Isn’t this an impressive display…..seen in a shopping centre I don’t usually go to

With all the rain we had I wondered if they’d sold many pairs so spoke to one of the salesgirls…. Oops..salespeople 😊

‘Oh yes’ she said. ‘We’ve sold loads of the rain boots’

Pardon, I said don’t you mean gum boots?

Oh no, they are now known as rain boots or water boots. People think gum boots are old fashioned.  My little sister calls them Puddle Boots!

Oh dear, how on earth is an oldie like me going to remember that. Where I grew up they were called Wellington boots…..usually just Wellies. It took me years after we came here to refer to them like the locals did as gum boots!

My blue Wellies…or are they Rain boots…or Water boots….or Puddle boots??
What do you call yours?


14 Replies to “Say that again…”

  1. We just call them rain boots here. We are having a cloudy day here but at least it is not raining!


  2. so these are not for doing muddy things in the garden, then – these are fashionable items you wear to work instead of work shoes or similar – just on wet days or all winter long!!!!

    I used to have a pair, which were actually too big for me, I kept them by the back door, to signal to intruders that a “big man lived here” 🙂


  3. They were always “Gum Boots” when I was a kid, “Wellies” was what English people called them but now that’s the name I tend to use. I have a very fancy floral pair I was wearing this morning as I tramped about in wet grass, don’t think they’ll ever be “Rain Boots” to me. 🙂


  4. In Danish they’re gum or rubber boots, In English I call them Wellies. Gum boots, rain boots ect. are all new to me names. I’m very old-fashioned it seems.


  5. Wellingtons or wellies but most people out here don’t know what I’m talking about. I must say I love the new colours and the fashionable designs tho.



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