A Healthy Attitude…

I didn’t let busy times stop me from getting to the gym a couple of times last week plus having a dip in the warm water pool (which definitely helped my ‘difficult back) so hopefully I’m back in the swing of things again,

I really wonder why I get so lazy and can’t be bothered, then get annoyed at myself for not doing anything but I guess that’s just me – being a Libran doesn’t help either as we can get very lapsidasical and then worry because things aren’t right – something to do with the scales and being balanced and all that.

When we had all that recent rain and I couldn’t get out to walk I was thinking about a book I’d read awhile ago called ‘Prevention’s Complete Book of jWalking’.  Not exactly a new book, published in 2000, an easy read that talked about all sorts of things to do with walking, health and exercise.

Each ‘chapter’ was in several parts, not too long and very easy to digest, topics ranged from the healthy reasons for walking, walking for weight loss, walking in different weather conditions…..like here where we can get all four seasons in one day 😎

It was a book to be picked up and browsed over, then when the moment was right picked up again and read more thoroughly.  In a ‘fun chapter’ it talked about something which is now quite common place…..walking with poles.  Sometimes called Nordic Walking.  Many older people use them these days as an aid to help their balance while walking. The author described it as a simple, safe, enjoyable activity that uses almost all of your muscles in a single exercise session!

Now I don’t need to repeat my moans about the winter weather we have here in Melbourne at the moment – something that in my mind stops me from going out in the fresh air for that exercise I need.  But that same thing obviously was on my mind when I read the book because (and this is what reminded me of the book) I must have typed up the following little bit of information……taken from the book….and found recently while looking through word docs for something totally unrelated.


I woke up early today, excited about the day ahead. My health and well being are important and it is my job to decide to take care of myself. Its up to me to find the time, the place and the reasons to go for a walk.

Today I can complain because the weather is rainy, or ……
I can be thankful that my skin will be blessed with moisture.

Today I can feel sad that I have so many other things to do, or……….
I can be happy that I’ll have so much more energy to do them when I’m done walking

Today I can grumble over the temperature, or…
I can be thrilled that I’ve got the right clothes to deal with it.

Today I can whine because I have to find the time to walk, or….
I can shout for joy that my body is able to keep pace with my spirit

Today I can mourn my lack of walking partners, or…
I can revel in my quiet time alone.

What my health and fitness will be like is, in great measure, up to me. I get to choose my level of well being. I get to lay the plans for a daily walk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Food for thought eh?  Have a great walk today…unless you have other plans 😊

Me – I shall have my coffee and muse over the above.  Then……well, it’s Monday, weather forecast says rain, so who knows??

8 Replies to “A Healthy Attitude…”

  1. I do like walking and don’t do enough of it. I rarely see walker’s poles here and with my balance being more than a little suspect have wondered whether they will help.
    And a big yes to the joys of being outside. Damp here today, but you couldn’t call it rain.
    Enjoy your day.


  2. Yes. It’s all the glass is half full not half empty. But oh my it’s so hard when it’s cold and miserable outside
    And there is a warm puppy cuddling you while your in bed lol


  3. I try to walk everyday some days I have to force myself but usually feel a lot better afterwards.


  4. I’m with you on the coffee and musing. Too hot for here…. so say I. Unfortunately we have a treadmill which I could use, should use, may use….after the coffee and musing!!!


  5. I love that you enjoy your walk alone or with company, that’s a true lover of walking! Thank you for visiting my blog, and your kind words! It’s lovely to meet you!


  6. Walking aside, your post is an excellent reminder that the way we look at something can affect how we feel about it. I am often grumpy that whilst many of my friends have taken early retirement, I cannot afford to. I shall endeavour to change my thinking and be grateful that I have a job which pays me a reasonable salary, that I have a boss who is flexible and nice to work for, a job that is not onerous and that I am fit and healthy enough to do it. Thank you, Cathy, for reminding me.


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