What day did the sun shine?

On Sunday of course ☀️😎

Gloriously sunny…see there are shadows – and dry also.  After all the rain we had it was enough to tempt us to get out and head for the hills; so along with a few other Sunday drivers (not as many as we thought considering how dry and sunny it was) up the Maroondah Highway we went. 

Making our way along the valley, the Yarra Valley, past paddocks with a few cattle, then on to stretches where more and more of the the roadside is lined with wineries. So many rises in the land are covered in vines….

….picking is finished and some of the vines appeared to be about to shed their leaves

……while they’re still hanging on for grim death on some other varieties 

Here we are….about 20 minutes from home …at a small town called Healesville.

Located just under an hour from Melbourne and right in the centre of the Yarra Valley food and wine district, Healesville is also home to some of the region’s most talented artists. Visit some of the town’s galleries and studios, or partake in a leisurely lunch at one of the al fresco cafes and popular pubs. 


We weren’t here to eat or drink today – there was an exhibition on that I wanted to see at The Memo.  A free one at that 😊

It was an exhibition by the cartoonist ( satirist, social/political commentator) Michael Leunig   Born and raised in Melbourne – usually just known as Leunig – declared ( believe it or not) a national treasure in 1999!

The exhibits…..many more than I photographed…..were named…(on a flyer which I’ve misplaced) …..which made sense when looking at some trying to work out ‘the meaning of it all’…..all bar one for sale…..pricey…..yet I did see a few red stickers.

Click on the small gallery to see the weird and wonderful world of Leunig.


4 thoughts on “What day did the sun shine?

  1. Jealous thoughts. I adore his work and would have very, very happily gone to an exhibition. His sister Mary is too dark for me, but I love the whimsy he so often adds to the most serious of topics.
    Judging by the fences, you were driving through some very prosperous (and also beautiful) country.

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  2. It is a nice drive if it is not too busy and Healesville is always good to visit. I hope the exhibition is on for a while and we get there to have a look at the treasured Leunig’s work.


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