The decision….

Yes…the decision has been made

In five weeks time we’ll be in the car starting the 4 day drive ‘up north’

This year It was going to be a ‘quiet, spend time at home’ winter

That was until it got cold and wet which made us rethink that decision

So we thought about it and decided….yes. It was time to book our cabin in Bowen Far North Queensland

where once again for seven weeks

The Golfer can walk the golf course by the sea…….I can walk Queen’s Beach
on those Warm Winter’s Days……Collecting

Sea glass, Sand Dollars and tiny fragments of washed up Coral

16 thoughts on “The decision….

  1. Good for you. Go while the both of you have your health. Life is what we make of it and I find winter so depressing.


    1. We did think about a move up there back in the 1990s Cathy….then The Golfer accepted a position in another state so Queensland never happened. After 7yrs away I wanted to come ‘home’…. Still don’t like the cold winters though😎

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    1. Maybe a trip a little later in the year will help Angela. Once your man comes home I’m sure you’ll be able to talk him into it.


    1. We still have similar amenities in the cabin Andrew….just on a smaller scale.
      I take plenty of books and crafty stuff to amuse myself. As well as the beaches and golf club the little town has what we need (supermarket pharmacy hairdresser pubs restaurants library cinema) plus we could drive south 1hr to Proserpine 2hrs to Mackay or north 1hr to Ayr 2hrs to Townsville.
      No I don’t miss anything- the kids know where we are and the Whitsunday airport is only an hour away if we ever had to return in a hurry.


  2. I love the beaches of Bowen…and often used to rent a little cabin named “Laguna” right on the foreshore at the Rose Bay Caravan Park, Rose Bay – with a view across to Gloucester Island.. That was back in then 90s when I was working out in Collinsville. Horseshoe Bay, Murray Bay, Gray Bay…beautiful areas.

    I like the town of Bowen, too. Wide, wide streets…deep gutters…it’s a special area.,

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