They’re back….

It seemed like I had been here, there and everywhere

Scanning the shelves but to no avail

Then I spied them – little rays of sunshine on a cold winter’s day!

Looking fine from the top – and great from the bottom

Only thing to do now is see what it looked like inside

Absolutely perfect 🙂

In the shops now – Imperial mandarins – my favourite ray of sunshine during winter in Melbourne.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Did you know:- and I read this somewhere but can’t find the source….
Mandarins originated from southern China and were named after the Chinese officials of the Imperial court the “Mandarins” who used the fruit for various medicinal purposes.

Imperial mandarins are the first domestic mandarin variety to be harvested each year, picked April through to May. Imperials are refreshing and exuberantly orange in colour and are one of only a handful of popular varieties that originated here in Australia. The variety was first recognised in Sydney in 1890 and has since become the most popular mandarin on the market due to that sweet ‘everybody loves’ flavour. The easy to peel skin and minimal seeds, makes them a family favourite, great for snacks and school lunches.source 

Fat free, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, they are an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A

I prefer mandarins to oranges – What fruits do you enjoy more than others?

9 Replies to “They’re back….”

  1. i like both and glad you are seeing sun today especially during the winter time over there. We are having cloudy weather and had a bit of rain earlier.


  2. Yeh for mandarins. Nice sweet, juicy and hopefully easy to peel and seed free. No more mandarins here and no watermelon yet, or peaches, or figs or….. waiting for the summer fruit. Enjoy your touch of sunshine


    1. Sweet juicy easy to peel- all good points! Shame they’re not available all year round. Still the shortish season makes them worth waiting for 😊


  3. I am a fruit fiend.
    Mangoes. All of the berries.
    Apples (until I get the first floury one of the year).
    And a big yes to mandarines which I also prefer to oranges (and don’t cause digestive issues).


  4. I LOVE baby oranges; I know they’re mandarins, but we always call them baby oranges. We don’t get them like you do here in Canada, as they are from South America. Can’t wait to go to Britain in September to have them…………my mouth is watering thinking about them.


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