Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme with words or picture prompts given
Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them

Elephant’s Child is hosting this month (May) on behalf of a friend
This is how I used them this week

A true friend

Friday morning Joanne had asked several of her neighbours and the general consensus had been you needed to put down weed mat to *form some sort of a barrier so the *rampant growth of Oxalis in the garden wouldn’t spread to the newly turned soil. Which is what she did.

Well actually she’d grappled with the idea of concreting the entire area but knowing she’d almost be ostracised by the same neighbours (whose gardens were certainly of the showy kind) decided otherwise and spent the weekend getting down and dirty with weed mat instead.

Monday morning hadn’t begun the way she would’ve liked either.

She’d put a box of embroidery threads somewhere, the trouble was she couldn’t remember where that somewhere was. Her back bedroom, laughingly called her sewing room, had been turned upside down but all she’d found was an empty cotton reel under the bed along with a long lost pincushion.

She was in the kitchen taking a short break when the door bell rang. Grumbling and mumbling to herself, almost tripping over her own feet as she opened it….

‘You took your time, I was about to start knocking’. What on earth have you done to your front garden, it looks a mess’

‘Aunt Dora, what are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you today’

Feeling as though she was in a courtroom with questions being aimed at her like bullets from the guns of a firing squad all Joanne could do was smile and help Dora make her way into the sitting room.

Filled to full, as Dora described herself after coffee and cake, and with Joanne still none the wiser about the reason for the visit…..not that she needed a reason…..Dora then proceeded to chat about anything and everything….alluding to dangerous deeds and European exploits …….totally unlike her focused conversations of the past.

‘Now my dear I must be off, I have so enjoyed this morning. I’ve been a bit unwell recently but seeing that little clump of Lily of the Valley blooming by the front door has pleased me, you did know it is my favourite perfume. Oh and darling I found this box in my bag, somehow these embroidery threads must have slipped in there.  Are they yours?

After Aunt Dora’s funeral Joanne slowly began to understand and realise the gruff show of affection and solicitude Dora showed to her wasn’t just because of who she was……her sister’s daughter…..but a true friend as well.

2 thoughts on “Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

  1. Sweet Aunt Dora, reminds me of my aunts, I had 8 aunts by blood. Daisy and Francie were my faves.

    Lovely piece.



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