Too soon, she cried…..

I looked at the date and thought – it’s not due for another few days.

This was the temperature at 11am yesterday.  Cold and wet.

Yes, the sun did come out later along with blue skies but it was still very chilly

There was even snow further north near Ballarat

And as I was making my way to bed it was still b**** cold‘They’ may have altered the figures slightly but looking at that outlook I see the next few days aren’t going to be any better.  (The tomorrow is today)

Today is May 28 – and to me it’s too soon

It definitely looks like we will have to say…. But, but …..Winter’s not really supposed to arrive until June 1 😎

What’s the weather like at your house?

Hot – Cold – Just right 😊

6 Replies to “Too soon, she cried…..”

  1. Enjoy those low temperatures and remember the heat waves!
    Our spring is still cool and sometimes wet. Summer, June 1st? No thanks


  2. We’re still having a chilly, wet spring. My tomatoes have not grown since they germinated over a month ago. I hope for lots of snow for you, but not quite yet.


  3. We’re kinda sorta sliding around in Spring here, on and off. Icebergs are in, whales are coming in. Cold today but weekend was memorable. Shorts and picnics. And then a lovely soft fog rolled in slowly I just sat and gawped it was so beautiful.



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