Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them. The prompts for May can be found here with Elephants’ Child

This is my contribution using the photographic prompts provided for this week.

Red Skies…

Joanne took another look at the photo.

‘No’ she said quietly, almost to herself ‘ I’m blowed if I can remember’

Her Aunt Dora had turned up that morning, mentioning how tired and weary she was from the long bus journey, complaining as usual about anything and everything.

The photograph had come out of her bag when they were at lunch.

‘Joanne, you were with me on that last trip to the old house. I know you’ll have the answer to my question. What time of the day was this one taken, is that a really colourful sunrise or an end of the day sunset?’

All Joanne could do was smile and look interested while inwardly groaning as she remembered what seemed like hundreds of photos Aunt Dora had taken over the two week stay. All of them on Dora’s old 35mm camera, all on film that didn’t have the time and date function ‘her’ new digital camera had.

Day after day they had walked for miles in the neighbouring countryside, Dora pouring out her pent up grief, Joanne accepting the responsibility of being the shoulder Dora needed to cry on.

Their shared loss of an only sister and a mother had been so traumatic for them both they had needed that time together, to mourn, to comfort each other and begin to reignite a relationship cut short many years previously when Joanne’s mother had taken umbrage at something her sister had said.

‘I see you’ve still got that short haired tabby cat Joanne. What’s it doing up on the window sill? Oh look at that grumpy looking grey haired one sitting outside. Do they like each other, they aren’t growling so I suppose they must do’

Oh by the way, I like your new short hair cut. I must see my hairdresser some time, mine’s getting quite long now, I really need a trim and must do something to cover up all this grey’

Joanne just sat back and smiled, yes she thought, you really can be a grumpy old so and so but I do like you!

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4 thoughts on “Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

  1. That was a refreshing take of the photos. I like those two ladies and see them sitting there at tea with all those photos in front of them.


  2. You brought them to life so well, I could see them, grieving their sister/mother. Depending on each other. Grumpy but real!



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