Monday Murals….

The Golfer and I made our way up to Echuca in the north of Victoria again last week, this time to enjoy the company of interstate visitors.  And even though they are very very long time friends it’s sometimes difficult to know how to ‘amuse’ them, particularly when one has a permanent ankle injury and the other ‘a bad back’….which meant wandering about and taking in the sights and sounds of the little compact town that Echuca is was not on the list of things to do and see.

So one day it was ‘top up the tank’ for a quick drive down the road to have a look round the little town of Tongala. One of those rural places opened up in the 1870s with a smallish population that…..according to census returns……is slowly growing; up from 869 persons in 1911 to 1869 in 2011.  Like lots of small towns, locals rack their brains to find ways of bringing people (and money) to the area.  Assisted by local artist Murray Ross, Tongala has hit on street art in the form of murals – lots of them, showing the history of the town and the associated dairy industry, as their way of bringing those visitors to Tonny….as the locals call it 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here’s one I really liked – two ‘old timers’ out in the bush, the billy coming to the boil on the fire, their dog resting peacefully beside them.

I took a quick photo then moved on up the street – see their heads and eyes are facing the front looking right at me.

Coming back to the car I snapped it again- different light, different angle.

Well, bugger me, I’d swear they’ve turned their heads to their left so they could still look me in the eye 😊

I did take more photos of the clever art work – which I’ll post another day.

Sami hosts Monday Murals and if you would like to see more – follow this link.

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  1. In Canberra at the museum there was (or is? I speak of 1995) a mask that looks at you no matter where you are. Fascinating and spooky, as this mural. Oh. It´s not two, you forgot the cute dog 😉

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