Put it together

Two chicken carcasses – 2 carrots – 1 onion – dried soup mix – chicken stock powder – plus a huge saucepan of water

Put it together – and what have you got?  Lunch for a cool day yet warm enough to eat outside.

Put that together with tea, whole meal crackers and a book  And then what have you got?

A Fun, Frugal Afternoon Filled with Feelings of Contentment!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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6 thoughts on “Put it together

  1. Cathy, I see your old blog is on my sidebar, as you mentioned, so I go to delete it but I can’t as I can’t see it? It is the weirdest thing ever. The only good thing about it is that you have a link to your new site there. Gill thatbritishwoman.blogspot.com


  2. What a great lunch, I must haul that carcass out of my freezer.

    And a great book – I read it twice. And saw the series on Netflix.



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