Have you ever wondered…

It doesn’t take much to please me – not a lot to make me feel good.

It’s little things in life like a cool change after a sweltering hot summers day, a warm bath when I’m aching, a nice cup of tea or (shhh) a bar of chocolate😊

It’s a well known fact in our house that I’m a ‘water babe’ – the feeling of being immersed makes me feel good all over, seems to calm me, definitely makes me feel peaceful.  According to my mum, from the day i was born putting me in a bath of warm water was a sure fire way to settle me.  And at this time of my life  I’ve told the family if/when I need to go into a nursing home it has to be one with bathing pools / large baths with sling hoists allowing them to manoeuvre the person, so they are able to ‘float’ and enjoy the warmth and the peace that comes with it.

These days as well as my warm bath (and sessions in a nearby heated remedial pool) I suffer the shivers of getting into our supposedly ‘heated’ local pool and dips in the ocean on hot summer days – all to enjoy ‘that’ feeling, knowing whichever way I choose it will bring a distinct change in my attitude.

Unlike these lovely ladies frolicking at the waters edge

The Bathing Beauties 1872
Frederick Arthur Bridgman
1847 – 1928
sold by Christie’s USD 31,000

‘My’ frolicking has always been clothed.  There are times – usually when I’m reclining in the bath, book and coffee close to hand…..I think about the merits of sun bathing in the raw and skinny dipping.  Bathing cosies are big business…….expensive too.  What if I was to forgoe buying a new one in favour of using the clothing optional beach in the town where we winter??  I’m sure I’d not look out of place – probably 75% of people in town at that time of the year would be 60yrs and over lol

So putting all thoughts of size, shape and inhibitions aside…..have any of you wondered about (or even ‘done/taken part in’….that doesn’t sound right lol) going au naturel on the beach?

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  1. I lived near the water and I have taken many an impromptu swim au naturel or just wearing my underpants. Sometimes I was all alone on the beach, but mostly other people were there as well, not totally close, though. I really like bathing in bathing shorts only. I do not like seaweeds in my private parts, and that’s easier to avoid whit shorts than with a one piece bathing suit. Now that times have become more prudish, I feel more awkward doing so, but I still do it and still love it – I’m 50+ and marked by childbearing and nursing.


  2. If I went au naturel here on the beach it might succeed in frightening the rabbits away from our garden but even on a warm day I think it would still be a little too cold for me.


  3. There may have been a time when I might have been interested but I never did. I now like a little mystery with bodies.


  4. Many years ago. When we had our pool. I would often put the kids to bed and then just dive in dressed as a new born babe
    After long busy hot days, no aircon in those days, it as bliss to just strip down and dive in
    Now days I wouldn’t be skinny dipping. I’d be chunky dunking lol


  5. Well, now, that is a dilemma I’ve never had to face! I don’t like being in water at all, and can scarcely swim. That’s what happens when you have been born and bred on a land-locked prairie with nary a body of water in sight!


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