Words for Wednesday…..

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them.  The prompts for May can be found here with  Elephants’ Child

Here’s my contribution using the suggested words for this week.

Cash back, what’s that?

“John, let me make this clear.  You are not buying another of those infernal machines. Do you hear me?”

John stood gazing out at the window, . All he wanted was a new electric mower, one of those little ones that used less power, energy efficient the salesman had called it.

Sheila had caught him looking through the catalogues – junk mail she called it. There were some really interesting models for sale, ones that would have done the job in half the time his old one took.

Why was she so dead set against it?

She kept on about money,and salesmen talking a load of tommy rot, who were filling his brain with (what she insisted were) unsubstantiated claims that this one is better than that one and things like that.

“Stop looking John!  You know we can’t afford it”

“Honestly, you’ve got a face as long as next week, you’re acting like a little kid looking in the window of a lolly shop, wanting everything you see but disappointed because you only have a penny in your pocket.”

John sighed, oh how he wished he could return to his much younger days, not a care in the world, hanging around with his rapper mates. His money was his, not to be shared with anyone else.  Of course that was long before he arrived in Australia, long he met Sheila, long before he had a house and a garden where he was sure the grass seemed to grow longer by the minute.

In those days it was his Granny who was the one who told him what he could do or couldn’t do. Mostly it was what she wanted him to – like filling the coal scuttle every day, a job he loathed. She’d sit in her chair right beside the fire, tossing her sweetie papers on the floor, complaining about his Mum and Dad never being home. What she couldn’t remember was they weren’t around because they were out working, trying to keep a business going so they’d have a roof over their heads.

His parents weren’t aware of the nightmares he had – Granny sent him down to the cellar that often he would dream of being in there when the coal man arrived, not knowing he was there and tipping the coal out of the sacks, down through the opening right on top of him.

The flowery scent Sheila used wafted over his way. He could hear her talking as well.

John, John, drop what you’re doing, come over here and see what I’ve found.  You’ll also need to get your coat because we’re going out for a while, and there’s a cold wind blowing so button it up.

I was about to put all those flyers in the bin when I saw one you missed. There’s a little mower on special, similar to the ones you’ve been mooning over. I know there’s nothing wrong with the one you’ve got but this one advertised comes with a cash back offer. Which will make it even cheaper!

With the money we save we might be able to afford pizza for dinner. What do you think about that??

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  1. Well done on the story, I liked how his background was so well drawn his fear in the cellar and his nasty granny. He must love Australia!



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