No idea why…..

After dragging my heels for so long I thought I’d have to take my shoes to the cobbler,  I finally ‘finished off’ these last few charity knits.  Not my best effort- all of them plain and simple apart from the fawn jumper with the coloured bands.

At the moment (much to my dismay) I’ve no interest in handiwork of any sort……. it’s a feeling of ‘can’t be bothered’ rather than one of ‘oh I can’t do that, my hands/fingers are sore and it hurts to do so’. It’ll come back in time……well, it’d better.  There’s a couple of cardigans and two teddies on the go and about another 20 or more balls of wool to be knit up 😊

Handing them over and sort of indicating I’d be on a go – slow for a while…..I was hit with these words….  “Oh what a shame, this particular charity wants more plain children’s cardigans like those you knit.  They don’t want jumpers or anything fancy – seems it’s easier to allocate cardigans.  And those you knit are just the sort they need”

So we’re back to this again………, a few years ago I was involved with a knitting group which qualified as a charity and then began to get ‘greedy’……we need more knitters…..we need more garments….tell your friends we want this, that and the other (money is nice too!).  We are now going to service more and more agencies ‘nationwide’ irregardless of the fact there are groups in other states who service their states – beginning as a small ‘keep people warm in Victoria during the winter’ group to ‘let’s keep Australians warm in winter’ it was preying on the goodwill (and the emotions) of myself and quite a few others I knew.

We were beginning to feel like the old ladies who, out of the goodness of their hearts,  gave a charity a monetary donation once, then pestered continually for more and more larger monthly amounts… just wasn’t on.  Which is why I moved to this new group!

As to why this particular charity has decided on cardigans only….I’ve no idea – apart from that strange explanation of being easier to allocate.  Once I get over the niggly feeling that comes from others putting their demands ahead of their supporters and that it might curb my artistic streak for a while, I’ll be right on to it again.  I’m sure I can come up with all sorts of patterns to place on a cardigan – my cupboard is full of old ‘vintage’ patterns I can utilise.  That is once the magic of my knitting ‘mojo‘ (oh how I dislike that word) returns 🙂

It’s Monday again, it seems a long while since Easter Monday.  There have been sunny days and wet days  ……warmish days, downright cold days.  You name ’em we’ve had them. Some busy (get your flu jab) some quiet (think about next year’s ‘entertainment’ aka holidays) but for myself and The Golfer all passed happily.  With sad thoughts still about the madness in the world and the Sri Lanka bombings though.

How did this past last week go for you – do you have plans for this Monday…..crafty or otherwise?


11 thoughts on “No idea why…..

  1. Sigh. I have noticed the ‘greed’ of charities. It seems that when they have found a willing contributor (be it money or product) they then milk them to death – which is surely counterproductive.
    We have had cool nights (ti is about 2 degrees as I type this) and warm days. I have been in the garden. A couple of appointments today and then back into the garden. I hope.


    • Gosh, yes EC. It has become rather cool overnight hasn’t it. Quite fresh indeed 😊
      I had plans for outdoor work but unfortunately they didn’t materialise. Those weeds aren’t going anywhere fast so will still be there in a few days time.


  2. For many years I have been sending a regular subscription to a certain charity and even with that they still request more. Sometimes I respond, but lately have held back as I’m not as happy with the charity as I used to be. One of their practices is to send a ‘reminder’ about the appeal to which I didn’t donate to, which I don’t like and have written to them requesting they not send these. I am very close to cancelling my subscription. It’s a shame, because I think of the poor animals who are being abused and would like, in my small way, to help.


    • Oh Joan that is so disappointing – I’m sure you’ll find a way out of your predicament. Maybe you could come off the mailing list but still donate as and where you want anonymously


  3. I suppose charities are the same the world around!. I wonder when they’ve killed the goose and lost the egg, do they reform to their original purpose, or just complain things are not as they used to be.


    • Oh they’re good at complaining about the way we were. Everyone is struggling but ‘they’ seem to think everyone has a duty to care. True but for many it’s just not possible- they should be the recipients yet are hounded to be the donors


  4. The organisation where my partner volunteers is quite hopeless in their organisation and expect the more competent volunteers to take up the slack that results from poor rostering, leading to very extended volunteer times without a break and impossible deadlines. He has left once and is thinking of doing so again. Charities need to think of volunteers first, not clients. Without volunteers, there are no clients.


    • I remember you mentioning R had ‘resigned’ – didn’t realise he had returned.
      Unfortunately there are some places who like to think they have ‘given’ something special to their volunteers…..a sense of purpose by letting them ‘run the place’ – I’ve seen that result in jealousy amongst the volunteers and in one case (daft as it might sound) a move to ‘topple the power’.


  5. Working in a Solicitors I experienced the ‘greed’ of charities when it came to dealing with monies left to them in a persons will. They often queried and disputed every penny – not so much if it was a fixed amount but often on the ‘share’ of an estate and especially the interest that may have accrued on the estate whilst the monies were held in an account waiting distribution. Their good works are often seen as some kind of challenge. My sister in law has now left her job as a manager of a charity shop – the targets they set just got out of hand and started to make her ill.
    Your knitted garments are so lovely – I am struggling with my first go at one!


    • Thanks for the compliment Vivien – I just do what I can. I’m sure yours will fall into place as you finish more pieces and then you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.
      It’s a sad part of life that our eyes are being opened to the ‘scheming’ some charities get up chasing the dollar.

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  6. I love your knitting. You must be fast too, to be just a ‘wanted’ person.
    I’m glad you’re back blogging again. Love reading your downunder blogs.
    I made one of your teddies but the grandkids got it!
    Hope you get your ‘mojo’ back again, for you not for the charity.


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