Early days…..

The leaves are beginning to colour and prepare to drop off trees, unpruned roses are developing hips, the heads on Sedum Autumn Joy have definitely gone past dark red and are now fading……………………meaning Autumn has arrived – and even though we will hopefully, have some fantabulous sunny days ahead of us, with the lowish overnight temps we’ve been having recently it’ll soon be warmth from the heater, woollen blankets on the bed and goodbye to the cotton cellular ones for a while.

I hadn’t planned do much yesterday ‘cept potter about so after looking round the garden and adding to my notes about what to move during the winter I actually managed to get out for a walk.

Our street is bounded by 2 main roads, I can make my way up one of them, use a particular street to cross the top to the other and then come home….a distance of over 2.5kms.  I can reverse the direction and go the other way or walk various streets in the middle, changing it about a bit so I don’t get fed up.

Some days in the past I would walk the ‘boundary’ twice making it a substantial (for me) 5kms and as we live in the foothills of the Dandenongs these roads are not level so there’d be a bit of an aerobic workout going on at the same time.   Then ‘the back’ happened – least said about that the better apart from walking is something I’m just beginning to enjoy again.

It was a late decision yesterday to start out when I did, and even tho’ it wasn’t cold (as in coats and ‘ats needed) the skies were grey and wet looking (see photo above) so taking the brolly along was a good decision!  Got as far as the ‘cross over road’ near the roundabout on the main road and the heavens opened up.

That corner is actually the 1km mark so a quick turn around and heading downhill for home with the brolly sort of keeping me dry made it 2km for the day.  Let’s just say, small as that total was, after not doing much walking over the hot summer we just had that was the longest distance in a while – apart from that recent day in the city……when The Golfer walked the feet off me 😎

Here’s hoping we have a wet Winter, the ground is so dry and plants are suffering.  As I scooted round the back of the house and up onto the deck I’m sure I heard the garden said ‘thank you’ for the small downpour even tho’ I wasn’t too impressed.

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    1. Me too – on the rain EC. Mind you all being well we’ll be away for about 8 weeks up in Far North Queensland…the garden will welcome it…if it arrives.


  1. I need to do more walking
    And I have lots of work in the garden needed to put it to bed for winter
    But having been very unwell, I just don’t have the energy
    Good job hubby is helping me more and more.
    We lit our fire yesterday and it was lovely. I miss it over the summer.
    Yes. Lots of rain is needed hopefully the farmers get some as well


    1. Here’s hoping things change regarding your health Angela. Don’t rush things though – have little saunters round the garden if necessary before you attempt anything longer. Shopping centres are good as there’s usually a seat somewhere for rest


  2. autumnal posting always a transition between one and the other…but nice two that you have a walking meterage that means you know how far you’ve gone…


    1. Actually I downloaded a walking app to get the distances Cathy. There’s also one where you can ‘trace your route’ to get the distance without even having to walk it – just in case you fancied doing it.


  3. Andrew on April 27, 2019 at 8:45 am said:
    Posting for Andrew:-
    It is mostly about motivation and it is very hard to be motivated when it is hot. Autumn walking is much more pleasant.


    1. Oh I hear you on the lack of motivation Andrew. There’s always something more interesting to do that crops up when I think about putting the runners on lol


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