Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them. Messimimi is hosting this month – April.

Here’s what I came up with using this week’s suggested words

Sign here please…

Here comes the delivery man, she said to herself. She could see him getting out of the truck, steadying himself before he jumped down onto the driveway.

Such a polite young man, always willing to bring large boxes right inside the front door. Not like the previous one who would hardly give you the time of the day apart from saying, ‘sign here’ – not even a please or thank you from him. And with that he’d drop whatever it was on the ground at her feet.

She was suddenly conscious of someone standing beside her in the hall.

And what have you ordered now Mum?

Oh, just something  for a project I have in mind.

But Mum you promised!

It’s not all for me silly one, it’s to share with others in the craft group.

You know that Patsy next door is having some work done at the back of her house, well, she’s got this really nice labourer doing the jobs on an ad hoc basis.  Nothing definite arranged, just when and if she needs him.  Such a lovely young lad, very outgoing  and chatty, so polite and courteous, just like the delivery man. Has a beautiful voice and is always singing.  Lovely melodies and love songs, not bawdy ones like some of his mates come out with when they’re round there waiting for him to finish up.

I’ll introduce you to him sometime.

Mum, we’re supposed to be discussing this yarn problem you have. Always buying more when there’s loads still in the boxes up in the bedroom.

Oh, I really do have plans for it. You see Patsy’s worker and his friends are always complaining about their cold ears and hands, so I’m going to share some with my crafty friends and we are going to knit them beanies and fingerless gloves to wear when they’re working outside!

Oh, there’s the door bell. I need to go and answer it

Hello Mrs B, how are you today? I bet this is another delivery from the online wool shop.

Sign here please!

10 thoughts on “Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

    1. It brought a smile to my face as I wrote it EC. Kept thinking of a friend- who would not have appreciated the unspoken message!


  1. this is brilliant (coming from a yarn stasher like myself!). the denial is incredible.


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