Monday Murals…..

Often on a Monday Andrew (High Riser) shows photos of murals – joining in with a weekly meme called just that…..Monday Murals.

A couple of weeks ago we spent some time up on the Murray at Echuca – and with a forecast of better weather than the last time (when it was so cold we spent most of the time inside) this time we planned to go out and about exploring within an hour’s drive.

Rochester is just under a half hour drive away through flatfish farming land, some sheep and loads of cattle to be seen, particularly those lovely black and white herds of Holstein Friesians so prevalent in northern Victoria because they are part and parcel of our dairy industry

After lunch at the historic Shamrock Hotel  it was just a short walk over the train tracks to see what we came for.  The art on the disused silos.  Featuring a Squirrel Glider and an Azure Kingfisher painted by Jimmy Dvate.

A few media items

From a distance:-

Front on:-

Cropped:-  Squirrel Glider

Cropped:-  Azure Kingfisher

I had to wait for ages because people would drive in and park right slap back in front of them.  Consequently I only managed one  ‘goodish’ photo.

Sami hosts Monday Murals and if you would like to see more – follow this link.

28 thoughts on “Monday Murals…..

    • Not sure how you are with car travel EC and it might be a bit of a hike but there are some new ones just finished in Grenfell NSW.


  1. I don’t think I have seen the mural photo of the squirrel glider before. Maybe not the kingfisher either. They are both great and right in the town. They are quite new, so that may be why I haven’t seen them.


    • Yes, finished just last year. Really bright clear colours in real life. Could be an idea for a day trip for you and R to see them


  2. Wow, these are beautiful and huge Cathy.
    We also have murals painted in silos in remote Western Australia, would love to go visit someday.
    Thanks for contributing.


    • I believe more and more are being painted Sami. They are a great way to attract visitors to an area. I read there are some in most of the states now – and more planned. With a bit of luck we’ll see some Benalla way soon.


    • Big plain and yes somewhat ugly – but serving a purpose. More and more of them are being painted and bringing tourists to the areas.


    • Lol Annie – but then you know what they say. From little things big things grow! All she needs is a cherry picker and a really really lot of spray cans of paint 😊


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