The feet have (had) it…..

Well maybe that should be……wear different shoes next time:)

Last weekend was spectacular – Friday night we had a storm to end all storms.

Residents in Melbourne’s east are clearing up following a night of storms that delivered heavy rain and large hail to parts of Melbourne east.
A severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the outer east and a flash flooding warning was in place for flash flooding suburbs including Mooroolbark, Chirnside Park, Croydon, Croydon North and Wonga Park

More strong winds and rain on Saturday meant I was looking for a nice quiet Sunday; so it was with a ‘hopeful nature’ I got on the train to go to the city with The Golfer.  The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival was on and he wanted to walk Southbank browsing the Food Vans, the pop up restaurants along with the wine tasting booths.

What he hadn’t mentioned was:-

  • He also wanted to go back to Fed Square to look at another exhibition….. ‘Screen Worlds  in the Australian Centre for the Moving Image aka ACMI.
  • Then make our way up to the Club in Bourke Street for a bite to eat,
  • Then before coming home nip into the old DFO, now given the posh name of Spencer Outlet Centre , for a ‘quick’ look at a place in there.  

So when what I thought was going to be a pleasant saunter from Flinders Street Station, across the river and then a wander along the riverbank turns into a 5km hike in city streets I became a tad tetchy 🙂

  • We didn’t buy any take away food…..nothing really appealed
  • It was an interesting exhibition but no place to sit down unless you went back out into the foyer
  • There was a meaningful discussion as we walked up to Bourke Street about using the tram up to the club….yes, up the street literally…we gave up trying as each one that arrived was crammed full.
  • Later as we walked aimlessly round a huge shopping centre (I really didn’t want to be in) I was shocked to hear ‘his words‘ (or words similar to ones he uses when shopping with me ) coming out of my mouth as he picked up various pieces of clothing …..”Do you need that? …..Will you wear that? …..Don’t you have something like that at home?

Thankfully our train home could be be picked up right there at Spencer Street (now known as as Southern Cross…but I don’t know anyone who calls it that.
My feet were sore and all I could think of was getting home and putting them up

All’s well now, we are talking again- but next time it will be blow the fashionable summer sandal look and on with the runners!!

8 thoughts on “The feet have (had) it…..

  1. The importance of appropriate footwear is the cornerstone of my wardrobe, I dress from the feet up. I will say though, my wardrobe consists of two pairs of pants that pass public muster, and a handful of tops, so the process of choosing the outfit is not exactly gruelling, and results are far from impressive, but it does the job.


    1. You’re correct in that shoes are important Maggie. Mine were fine for the expected task and really were OK for the time on my feet. Then again if I’d had a better understanding of how the day was going to be I’d have chosen differently.


    1. That’s not good to hear Joanne. Unfortunately we have to accept our limitations – If my back had been playing up and I’d been uncomfortable or if I’d really not been ‘happy’ with what was going on I’d have complained loud and hard.


  2. That is a lot of walking and more than we would do. It sounds like trams weren’t running well in Bourke Street as they are very large trams. One of us would be cross if a day shaped up like yours. It sounds way too much.


    1. More walking than I’d envisioned as we got on the train first thing:)
      We’ve found the trams arriving at that Swanston/Bourke Street stop are often crowded. Everyone stands by the doors which makes it hard to get on. And knowing we’re only getting on for a few stops means we don’t want to sit, we’d never get up and out in time when it stops at 501 (RACV)


  3. I have to have on sneakers if I am doing any walking. Due to my age and health conditions I cannot seem to get into shopping. I have too much now but it is nice to look. At least it was a day outing.


    1. A days outing indeed Germaine. Tiring but good to be out people watching in the fresh air.
      Sorry to hear you are ‘feeling your age’. Spring is just around the corner for you so hopefully better things are coming😊


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