In case you ever needed to know…..Fun Friday.

I’ve been pottering around with this genealogy caper for several years now and the names and terms for relationships still confuse me šŸ˜Š

Seeing the generations on a pedigree chart is fine, you add your name and then for your direct lines you identify your Mum and Dad and Grandparents and then as you get to know more names and dates you can add Greats plus…..if you’re really lucky ….Great Greats or 2 x Gt as they are sometimes referred to.

Then comes the tricky bit – the sideways moves aka the extended family. Ā Aunts Uncles Cousins…..they all get recorded elsewhere. In exercise books, scraps of paper, various family charts or maybe online genealogy sites.

Trying to place who relates to whom has always been a challenge to me Ā I know I’m not the brightest spark but honestly listening to / reading posts online where these family discussions take place leaves me feeling dim sometimes. There are loads of graphs and charts out there that explain these relationships but after a while all the little boxes seem to merge into one. Ā Until I found this one.

You and your cousin share grandparents, you and your 2nd cousin (that is a grandchild of a Gt aunt/uncle) share Gt grandparents AND you and your 3rd cousin ( a Gt grandchild of a Gt Gt aunt or uncle ….who is a brother or sister of one of your Gt grandparents) share GtGt grandparents. Ā Are you with me still??

Then there is Removed (see Ancestry ‘Understanding Kinship Terms’)

In cousin relationships, the termĀ removedĀ indicates the separation of a generation. My first cousin is of the same generation as I am, so my first cousin once removed would be either my parentā€™s first cousin or my first cousinā€™s child. SinceĀ twice removedĀ indicates a difference of two generations, my first cousin twice removed would be either my grandparentā€™s first cousin or the grandchild of my first cousin (as I am two generations younger than my grandparentā€™s first cousin and two generations older than my first cousinā€™s grandchild).

The online companies who test DNA samples provide you with matches to other clients Ā registered with them…..up to 4th cousins and further. Ā Trying to find the MRCA aka most recent common ancestor Ā or ‘who you both are actually related to’ can be fun. Ā If you both have enoughĀ information to share. Ā Because you need to be able to go back 5/6 generations.

See I told you it was FUN šŸ˜Š

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  1. Genealogy has been one of my obsessions since the mid 90s, a long time. I enter my research into a database program, and the program works out the relationship between two people, very handy and I never have to learn the rules, lol. I haven’t done the DNA thing, not sure I ever will, since the companies that do it are sharing info with other entities, and that sort of thing might be a lot more prevalent in the future.


  2. I think I will stick to making my own memories, much not properly recorded … i.e. pictures with no captions, made your own story up…

    But each to their own…


  3. I used to buy a monthly magazine called Family Tree and in it they once had a graph of direct ancestors, cousins, removed, second etc etc and cut it out when I got rid of the magazine. It certainly is confusing.


  4. Very interesting, but very confusing. My older daughter did the DNA thing and discovered she has a second cousin on the mainland who is related to my daughter’s biological father’s mother.


  5. I’ve been doing a little of the same lately….as well as going through old photos, papers etc., as I’ve been doing my decluttering!


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