And the times they are a changing…..

The new season can definitely be felt now…..the harsh heat of summer has gone and the nights are very much cooler.  Even to the point of putting on pjs, dressing gown and knitted slippers well before ‘retiring time’.

Different seasons means different vegetables

And guess what’s on the menu for tonight?  Yes, Brussel Sprouts!

The sprout farm at Coldstream is picking !

It’s opened its sales to the public again, these lovely freshly picked little green bundles of joy are there on the road side stall by the farm gate all nicely packed ready to come home – and if the stall is bare you just ring the bell and one of the pickers comes down with some more.

I’m not enthralled by the plastic packaging, it’s a fairly slim strong bag which fits the purpose.   Trouble is trying to contain those lumpy sprouts in soft plastic doesn’t work too well when they are sold a kilo a time.  Plus these aren’t graded, unlike those that make their way from the farm to other places …..sold to national supermarket chains … it’ll be a mix of sizes.  Which keeps the cost (to us) down   There are times when after all the mark ups, sprouts aren’t the cheapest veg on the shelf, they do  drop in price as more arrive.  These that The Golfer picks up on his way to/from his 2nd home (oops…golf course) are a standard $5 a kilo all the time

So you win some – lose some as far as price is concerned


Straight from the paddock to the plate….that’s my idea of freshness.  And that’s what counts for me.

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  1. We are heading into Spring in a couple of days but we have had a long winter. We had snow early this year and still have some but the days are longer thank God. The sun is brighter also and after the long winter it is so nice to see sunny days. Yes when the cool weather comes one tends to eat heavier meals.


    1. Our curtains are drawn and lights need to be turned on much earlier – doesn’t make me a happy chappy but fairs fair – we’ll let you have your turn 😎


  2. As you may know by now, I am at opposite sides of the world, and our warm season is just beginning. It’s been a grim winter, so we are very happy to see the sun all day now. But I think seasonal change is good for us, keeps us interested and sane!


    1. Gosh it was a very hot summer here in Melbourne Diane, hottest on record they say so were relieved when the ‘slightly ‘ cooler days arrived. After reading about the winter the northern hemisphere has had/is still having in parts I’m sure you will be hoping for much warmer days. Changing seasons brings changes in fresh vegetables which is what I look forward to – hence my delight in the new sprout season. They just don’t taste right frozen😎


  3. My sister is a huge fan of sprouts! They are a common farmers market product here. If your dollar is comparable to ours, that’s a bit steep for sprouts, though.


  4. Oh I love sprouts, tossed with a little butter and balsamic vinegar and baked and then sprinkled with parmesan or grated swiss.



  5. Husband fixed sprouts last night, and we will be eating them for several days. Wonderful simple receip with onions sauteed in butter, some grey Poupon mustard and a little water. Yummy.


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