But wait….there’s more!

As it always is with life there were more changes to come this year.

This one was not so much a change in exercise routine as finding a different way

Continuing with gym visits for strength – or maybe it should be to use all those lovely machines they have, – walking the streets for endurance plus the pleasure from being outside with all the associated views (which you can’t see from a treadmill) , pool visits because I love the feeling of weightlessness and the knowledge my aches and pains will benefit from exercise in the water


this year adding the Ballet for Adults being offered by a local organisation.  I love dance in any form and this class turned up at just the right time.

Having spent so much time recently reading/researching/discovering things past (History of my Family) I wondered if I could turn back the clock and mentally return to a younger Catherine who loved her weekly ballet class.

Last year’s foray into Return to Yoga (for seniors) didn’t do a thing for me.  I ached for days after each class….certainly didn’t have that feeling of peace I remember from classes in years gone by,  these left me with a feeling of frustration because even though the slim young contortionist  the young woman out the front seemingly had qualifications to teach ‘older adults/seniors’ she didn’t seem to understand that some of our bodies just didn’t do the things we may well have been able to do many years ago.  By the end of the term so many had found excuses not to attend, there was an awful lot of empty space on the floor which had been covered with mats during the first week!!

Now having admitted that,  I’ll also have to admit these Ballet classes are not all ‘wine and roses’ or ‘tea and biscuits’ as some of the attending ladies would prefer to say.

They also are hard work – unlike the Yoga classes where serious was the name of the game – these are hard work with lots of laughter thrown in.

Hard work trying to make your feet turn out like Charlie Chaplin, Pliés are not just bending your knees like squats,

Something simple like sliding your foot along the ground and then pointing the toe – Tendu -is likely to give you cramp (if you try too hard!)

And you know how good your balance is when you try to Relevé – rise onto your toes (or balls of our feet in our case 

Change can be good, some change can be not so good  – what I do  know is that 7 weeks into the first term, I along with 10 other ‘mature ladies’………….wearing last year’s yoga pants along with tshirts and carrying pink ballet slippers – not a leotard In sight 😊……………leave the local hall feeling better, walking taller, more at ease with ourselves and declaring Tuesday mornings have become our ‘favourite’ time of the week.

And there’s no way we’re going to change that!


The Australian Ballet – Ballet Class as a Beginner 

Glossary of Ballet terms


6 thoughts on “But wait….there’s more!

  1. Well done you Cathy – I love the idea of your ballet for adults class… and it sounds like its such a good fit for you when you leave after each session feeling so much better with yourselves!


  2. If I returned to ballet classes it would make for the most viewed YouTube video in the world! (Comedy video, that is!) 🙂


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