Change:-  Make or become different.

 Changes happening not for the sake of change but for ME 😊

Firstly not so much a change of healer as a looking at the benefits of a different practice

After several disappointing consultations over the past few months with my (older in years, single person practice) GP which ended in him stating he had no idea what the problem was, I took advantage of the fact that we are not tied to one Dr/GP (as is the case in other parts of the world) and made an appointment at a larger practice in our area – in my mind, just for another point of view.

Not an easy thing to do as I’m usually a ‘loyal’ person but I wanted an answer…..even if it was the same one.

After the initial niceties and explanations the first words the new Dr said were….well, let’s see what we can eliminate.  Words I’d not heard from my original GP.

The upshot was that this and the follow up consultation, followed by a diagnosis and treatment that worked/cured the problem, had me thinking long and hard and making the decision to change to the new practice.  One that has several Dr’s (of various ages, levels of experience, different medical interests) available, one that has xray and treatment rooms on the premises as well as allied health workers plus specialist rooms in an adjoining building.

A difficult decision to make – but after consulting the new GP a couple of times since then I’m confident I made the right one.

So after surviving our, and I’m not exaggerating, horrendous in many ways summer I’m finally in a better frame of mind and hoping to be back here on a regular basis.  Not sure what I’ll natter about but will most likely find a joke or two here or there.  Sadly no tidbits about Kiera – who I greatly miss.  No o/s trips on the horizon either – although winter in Bowen, Far North Queensland is being mooted.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, meaning when the really cold weather arrives!

Bye for now….Cathy


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  1. Well if your health news isn’t good news I don’t know what is! So glad you found help with your issue and are back on track, it must be a tremendous relief. So glad you are surviving the weather!

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  2. A second opinion is almost a must these days or to see a specialist that treats what you have. One has to think of oneself and it is not selfish. Do not feel bad about leaving first doctor we only live once and at least we live in a free country and one must look after oneself. Hope things stay good.


  3. You did well. I took a second opinion once on an orthopaedic matter and while the first one wanted to surgically intervene, the second one suggested exercise and physiotherapy combined with pain medication, which sorted out the problem and saved me a great deal of money and stress.

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  4. Pleased you got the help you need. It’s very difficult to change GPs here and the NHS is reluctant to do many tests to save money. After over a year of lovely people helping but getting nowhere I paid to have tests privately and finally got some answers. Health is so important I felt I needed to take control like you.


  5. It certainly can make a difference getting a fresh perspective on a matter.
    Really happy that you got your problem sorted Cathy :D)
    A change of GP happened naturally in the practice I attend and I was pleasantly surprised that things that were previously noted but taken for granted were actually questioned and followed up. I really appreciated the interest and told my GP so.


    1. Glad good news (and health) came your way, Cathy….may more keep coming. 🙂

      And it’s great to have you back.

      The beaches of Bowen are wonderful…I love them and spent a fair bit of time there. A terrific choice…and one you’ll be glad you made, I’m sure. 🙂


  6. Finding a GP that you have confidence in is hard – mine has just sold out to a large practice and retired as he could not continue as a single GP. Sad really as he was good. The first thing my new doctors did was to stop my prescriptions until I had a blood test and then tried to change my Thyroxin medication. This is all usually done by my more experienced consultant at the hospital as changing the dose has wide implications for me and the doctors didn’t seem to know what they are doing. Needless to say I haven’t been back to see them I will have to be on my last legs first!


  7. There is such a shortage of doctors here that there’s usually no other one to change to – so a lot of people just go to walk-in clinics and hope to get a referral to a specialist if anything serious is noted.

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  8. My own GP missed my symptoms and his locum picked up on it a few years later. My GP was dismissive as many are when it comes to “women’s issues”. All in our heads or not as serious as we think it is.
    In my case it was very serious and I am so glad that I have a new doctor who is freshly qualified and right on top of things.
    Good luck to you with your new GP.


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