Eye opener

So I’m looking for something in the laundry and glance up at the windows

Oops, think it’s a while since those were cleaned 🙂

Now it ‘was’ a cloudy day outside with not much light in the laundry so I can forgive the right hand sliding one for looking dull – it has a fly screen on the other side.   But the left is a clear pane of glass!

That side of the house is on a slope so The Golfer will have to get handy with the ladder to do the outside.  Gone are the days when I clambered up and did them myself……all the outsides are now his domain……with a little bit of visual coaxing from me standing on the other side of the window  …..’you’ve left a streak here pointing to a spot on the window 🙂

Have you ever wondered how they clean the outside of the lower deck windows on cruise ships?  The top row (Lower Promenade deck on this particular ship) – those just below the promenade –  are done with hoses hanging down the side and when possible the next level (Main Deck) are tackled with hoses and brushes on long poles.

Crew window washing MS Westerdam. Dock side Raiatea April 2016

I’m thinking I could do with a window cleaner.

But not one who just hoses the outside – I’ve tried that, just end up with streaky windows!



12 thoughts on “Eye opener

  1. I clean all the windows on the inside but the outsides have never been done in twenty years!

    I’d probably think I was in a new house if it got done!


  2. Don’t worry much about windows. If I can see what the weather then they’re ok. Life’s too short for stuffingushrooms and cleaning windows
    I do clean off finger marks and dog scratchings from the balcony door when for special occasions. That’ll be Easter now

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  3. When one looks around there is always something to do. I am lucky if I get the inside done but I know what you mean one likes to see clearly on cloudy days.


  4. Most people here on our cul-de-sac have a window cleaner but we still do our own. I do downstairs outside as I can reach easily but DH has to get out the big ladder to reach upstairs so the downstairs are done much more frequently as it is a bit of a pain getting the ladders out.


  5. I don’t know that it is a good idea for your husband to be up on ladders. Window cleaners don’t cost too much. We can only clean the inside of our windows. It is not about having the time, it is about just getting off our bums and doing it. Tomorrow. Manyana.


  6. A hateful job and necessary here in winter sometimes during mild patches. The red soil covers everything after high winds.


  7. Insides are fine but the outsides being done would probably clear up a lot of questionable perceptions about my surroundings, 😀



  8. oh the dreaded windows! It’s a bit like ironing for me, I only do if extremely necessary…fortunately, that circumstance hasn’t yet arisen ;D)
    joking aside, a bit of a wipe with those fibre clothes on the inside now and then works for us. Not worth aggravating sore muscles over – if it gets embarrassing then I’ll get a window cleaner in for a spruce up.
    Cheers to you Cathy!


  9. My windows need cleaning too, and most of them are easy to reach from the outside. The one that is two stories from the ground can be cleaned from the inside by opening the slider all the way and using a special long-handled squeegee and sponge I bought for it. Washing them is on my possibility list. When the mood strikes….


  10. I have no excuse, since my outside windows are easily reached. But I concentrate on the inside, and put off the outside windows as long as I can—just hate doing them! Looks like that is the popular opinion, Cathy!


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