Monday Musings….

Not so much musings about setting the world aright but a wondering about how long something has been happening.

Now the only time we go into Maccas is when we are driving interstate. We have food for lunch in the car plus a flask of hot water for green tea but with easy parking not too far from the main roads, clean rest rooms (usually) quick service for a coffee (not everyone’s cup of tea but they don’t have the bitter taste they had years ago) the daily paper and free wifi they provide a welcome mid morning break without the long wait for service you can encounter in local cafes.

Doing a bit of ‘folder clearance’ the other day I came across these two photos taken while we were travelling up north during July last year

Now it’s possible I’ve been a little weary when we’ve stopped for a break – especially if I’ve just finished my two hour driving stint – and have not noticed these features before….but does anyone know how long (here in Australia) Maccas (McDonalds) has been offering electrical outlets, USB ports and table service??

It’s not going to keep me awake at night…..and I’ll admit it was rather nice being able to charge the iPad and phone while we read the paper and waited for our coffees….in china cups….to be brought to the table instead of having to hang around the counter waiting….but I’m blowed if I remember it happening before.

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Monday is the day I often sit here, think and wonder about things

Is there anything trivial you’re wondering about this Monday?

17 thoughts on “Monday Musings….

  1. Sorry I can be of no help. No Maccas for me.
    Monday musings? I am wondering whether this year is going to rush past as quickly as last. And the early signs are that it is. How did it get to be the second week of January already?


    1. EC – I can never fathom out whether the weeks pass more quickly for me if I’m busy or when I’m coasting along and don’t notice the passing of the days.
      With the way my calendar is filling up with appointments for the next two weeks it’ll be February before I know where I am.


  2. In my youth I worked in marketing. We did a study of McD’s to see how to compete. At that time, their chairs were ergonomically designed to become uncomfortable after 11 minutes: it seems like their customer service has improved since then!


    1. There are still hard plastic benches in most of the outlets – hygiene requires them to be wiped down frequently during the day but some places have big ‘pouffe’ like stool/seats that are softer as well as moulded arm chair like chairs.
      The changes appear to be more of a way to get repeat customers although their staff do seem to be better trained than years ago.

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      1. Good to hear about the better quality seating, and I guess the wiping of seats is necessary in a place aimed at kids! They are slowly moving with the times, and their coffee has definitely improved.


    1. A sensible way to attract new clientele Joanne. Ones whose life seems to depend on being connected and will vote with their feet if the wants are not respected.


  3. When my daughter and family were here we went to McDonald’s for the first time in years. No, the service was not that good — it was more like a zoo. We self-ordered from the kiosk thanks to my daughter, and Andy and I will go back some time and try it ourselves, just for the learning experience, not for the food. We like our own food better!


    1. When we are in Bowen – our winter ‘residence’ – we have learned not to pop down to use the wifi in the afternoon. There’s only one outlet in the little town, 5 mins from the local High School. Zoo time can be observed there from 3pm until about 4.30pm 😊 Once the rush (hormonal and ‘starvation’) is over its ‘safe’ to enter lol
      It’s a well behaved zoo because every knows everyone else – and word gets around !


    1. My wondering time Diane is often while I’m washing dishes by hand. All sorts of weird things pass through my brain at that time.
      I discovered that all these new ‘additions’ are happening as the businesses are upgraded – that of course depends on how much the franchisee is willing to invest in his business


  4. When we travel to the Bellarine, we usually stop at McD in North Geelong. It is quick and clean. I have seen signs about table service, but it did not happen for us. USB charge points and free wifi are great attractions.


  5. My mind is full of rubbish Cathy, and a lot of it is going back in time, infact I have been going through a post in my head today about just that.


  6. LOL Maccas is “MickyDoos” here. I was stunned recently at an A & W (a burger chain here) when they offered table service breakfast, eggs to order. Things are changing (aging demographics?) and for the better.

    My mulling today involves a few drawer re-organizations after watching a show of only keeping things that bring joy and being able to see everything in a drawer and admiring it.

    Also a knitting blog posted a lovely shawl in mustard, grey and cream and got my knitting fingers twitching.



    1. Maybe there is something to the idea that not all fast food customers are teens who scream and shout and can’t sit still for more than 2seconds.
      My knitting fingers twitch constantly when new ideas float past my eyes- then they settle back down when they realise that as much as I want there to be, there just isn’t enough time to make everything I would like to.


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