It’s gonna be a hot time…..

Hopefully ‘not’ in my house overnight lol

It’s nearly 35c/j95f outside- there’s a very strong hot northerly blowing – which means it’s possible we’ll reach the predicted 42c/107f.  According to the BOM that’ll make it our as in Melbourne’s hottest day in two years.  Hopefully the promised cool change will arrive – 14c/57f makes sleeping so much easier.

If there’s one constant in my life it’s a dislike of extreme temperatures

Too hot or too cold you’ll hear me complaining.  I’ll survive but I won’t like it.

In the meantime – the air con is on but this is delightful

( in the privacy of your own home that is 😊)

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  1. We are not expected to get to quite those extremes – but our expected 38 is quite bad enough. The cool change can’t come soon enough for me. I like winter temperatures. MS likes (and thrives in) our summer temperatures and even with the cooler I am a sad and soggy mess.
    I hope you too get some relief. Soon.


  2. Currently hiding in my house with the air con on
    But I might just jump into my small blow up pool so at least I can sit outside for a little while


  3. lol, love the funny Cathy …
    oh yes, so hot here too – it’s apparently 41 but feels like 39.
    We’ve been out keeping the King Parrots watered, they land on our verandah and just sit there with wings drooping and fight over who sits on the plastic chair!!!
    Sending good wishes for a cool night tonight ;D)


    1. … just a follow up to your post Cathy, I was a bit cheeky and popped back and took a copy of your lady in front of the fan to send to our daughter — it definitely hit the spot, they were sweltering too! So, thanks again for the laugh :D)


  4. Whew, that’s hot. I would be definitely inside under the air con. It’s freezing here and looking good . Rather cold than hot.
    Hope we don’t see those extremes in a few months.
    Keep fanning!



  5. I’m with you, I don’t like the extremes. I’m not sure if this will help but we are only just above those numbers in Fahrenheit today!


  6. I used to love hot weather, but lately prefer the cold. I walk almost every day, and find walking in very hot weather impossible. I guess the best you can do is stay inside. Cute picture, BTW!


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