Words for Wednesday(on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts.  Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them.  Lissa from ‘the memory of rain’ is hosting January – these are the ones for this week

Beginning* New Year* Wonder* Ritual* Kiss* Faith*
Seven* Remember* Adventure* Miles* 88* Heart*

I wonder wonder who…..

Rosie got to the end of the row and sighed.

She tried to remember* whose idea it was for her to knit the grandchild a new pullover for school

88* stitches to a row – that child had grown so much he was almost a man. Ate like a man, her daughter, his mother kept saying. It’s no wonder* he is the size he is when you look at his father and extended family on that side.

Life for him was an adventure* he was on the go from getting up time until going to bed time. Not a quiet sit read a book child but one who was constantly moving at what seemed like 100 miles* an hour.

Hello Gran! Caught you with your eyes shut!

She opened her eyes to see a young man standing in front of her chair. I just popped round to sit with you for a while, put your knitting away, and I’ll tell you my latest news.

She welcomed the ritual* of a kiss* on each cheek followed by a long look in each other’s eyes. Eyes that reminded her of a man gone seven* years now, one she had loved with all her heart* and one her faith* told her, she would be reunited with in time.

Then she smiled, she couldn’t remember who suggested it, but she did remember who it was she knit the school pullover for all those years ago.  The now not so chubby but lean and lanky grandson sitting opposite her bursting to speak just as he did as an eight year old.

There’s this new job I’m beginning* in the New Year*…..it’s in Canada….at a ski resort!

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