New Beginnings or Begin Anew?

I really should know better – know that when I’m short of time or my mood is twitchy I should just nod and pass on by rather than stop, be polite and listen to the moans and groans that eminate from a certain ‘friend’ I ocassionally see in one of the local supermarkets

Happy New Year, I said this morning- I wonder what new beginnings are ahead of us this year?

None! she said.  It’ll be the same old, same old, tarted up in a different form.  New Year’s a bit like some of these big businesses, what do they do when they’re losing money – we’re going to Begin Anew with fresh ideas they say.  Gosh they think we’re daft and haven’t seen it all before.  Her name might be Maureen but she’s known as Moaning Minnie to me 😊

Here it is only a few hours past and she’s got me wondering whether it really will be better than last year or will it be a rehash, just tarted up in a different form?

New Years Eve saw us in bed well before the witching hour which meant (thanks to early morning birdsong) we were awake a bit earlier than usual on New Years Day.

Do you remember that old saying

Early to bed, Early to rise.

Makes a Man Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Do you think it works on December 31st?

Last year wIth restraint and the help of our lovely GPs our Health wasn’t too bad, with restraint and the help of my little exercise book (and yes, digital spreadsheets) our Wealth wasn’t too bad either

New exercise book ready for 2019

It’s just the Wise bit that’s got me a little worried 😊

This was the 76th New Year my body saw in. Do you reckon I’m going to be any wiser at the end of this one?

Happy New Year to you all. Let’s all make it a good un’

28 thoughts on “New Beginnings or Begin Anew?

  1. it’s some sort of marketing ploy that seems to relate nothing that is easily achieved, because the very next year, apparently if we had bought xyz – it would’ve all worked properly 🙂 just go with the flow, the best you can…

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  2. I tend to just get on with the new year as usual. I do not make any resolutions only to try to remain positive and cheerful and that’s a big ask with Tom no being well. I’m so glad I have my needlework to keep my mind occupied or I think I would climb the walls, lol
    I love your corner work place, so neat.
    All the same, I hope you have a nice peaceful and healthy 2019.


  3. If the saying works then I am lost already for I hit the pillow at about 3.30am on New Years morning after a brilliant New Years eve with our dearest friends! I love your thoughts here about whether the year will be the same old. It will be different but from my experience there is always good and difficult things happen through the course of a year – I believe it is how we deal with what comes our way that makes a difference. Your good health is the most important and so you are already on a winner and I think from your words you are probably much wiser than you think. Have a wonderful 2019.x


  4. Happy New Year – whatever it means! Today and yesterday felt no different from the day before, and I’ve never thought that resolutions were a good idea: more a recipe for disappointment!

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    1. I’m not a resolution person either Clive. Sometimes I ‘dream up’ goals for this time of the year. Not achieving one always feels different than breaking a resolution 😊

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  5. I think we are programmed to begin a new year with renewed hope but in reality, we know it is often just a re-hash of the same old, same old. I hope it’s a largely happy one though.

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  6. Happy New Year Cathy!

    Personally, it brings me joy to think that I am still breathing and aware, at the beginning of a new year. Life doesn’t have to be better for me to enjoy what I do have, things could always be worse, things could always be improved. So here it is, another year begins where I am still alive, and able to play the game of life. May your year be one of met challenges, and happy moments!

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts Maggie. I’m hoping there aren’t too many challenges for me this year – a year without any would be great for a change


    1. I have been lax wi my blog reading so was unaware of these happenings in your Helen. Sending New Year wishes to you and the hope that life doesn’t deliver any more nasty surprises.

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  7. Sure. It works if you go to bed on Dec 31 at 9:30. Then you can be rising and shining at your usual time of, oh say, 5:00 a.m…. with bells on


  8. Happy New Year! I am optimistic and I expect every year to be a good one. Recently an acquaintance asked what was new with me. I hadn’t seen them in a year but I had nothing to report! Life is good 🙂

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  9. Good wishes to you Cathy – I like to hope there’s a bit more kindness in the world this year.
    I’m so grateful for the life I have and the dear ones in it.
    Thank you for popping in for a visit, I really appreciated it.
    You have a happy and healthy new year won’t you. Cheers! xx


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