Tomorrow will be….

Today was a quiet day.  A rather warm quiet day.  32c/nearly 90f!

Tomorrow will be a little cooler than today.  A better day to be out and about.

We spent time with one child this afternoon, will be with two more in the morning, then the day is ours.

No hot meal to prepare, cold meat and salad will be the way to go.  We may even drive down to the beach 😎

Wont be any snowmen there – a sandman or two maybe!

Here’s hoping your Christmas Day is special ❤️

I’ll be taking another little break – just until the New Year arrives.

Bye for now- Cathy

14 thoughts on “Tomorrow will be….

  1. No snow here either – the rain took it all away but good for people traveling to
    their homes for Christmas. Have a happy holiday to you and yours.


  2. The last few days here have been cold with a mixture of bright and dull skies and usually rain late evening/night time. No exciting snow for the children, unfortunately. Anyway, a Merry Christmas to you and your family, enjoy your day at the beach.


  3. We are having cold meals today too. I spent yesterday cooking and preparing and have enough to last the week.
    Hot here today and going to be hotter.
    I hope that your Christmas (and the year(s) to come) are a delight for you and yours.


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