Over the hills and far away……

I’ve been absorbed with the past recently- delving deeper and deeper into my Irish past.

For a long time those records were few and far between but now along with the ‘paid’ site I belong to I’ve been accessing a fairly new site ‘Irishgenealogy‘ which allows look up and sightings of birth death and marriage registrations – for free.

It seems all of my 8 Gt Grandparents from Co Armagh and Co Monaghan ‘lost’ family to migration- as far as I can make out they appear to be some of the very few in their respective families who stayed in Ireland.

From the middle of the 19th and into the 20th century they saw many of their aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins leave, some went to Canada, others to USA and others even came down here to Australia.

They’re still making themselves known – those DNA discoveries that is.

So many families of those migrants are getting in touch and introducing themselves

Pity I didn’t know of them years ago – I could have saved a fortune in hotel rooms!

8 thoughts on “Over the hills and far away……

  1. Yes you could of if they wanted to be found. Sometimes I find people can be funny that way. Hopefully your relatives are different.


  2. I joined Ancestry.ca this past year, and can’t say enough about how enjoyable it’s been! Our family has been trying to solve a mystery about my grandmother’s family, which came to Canada from Romania in the early 1900s. She stayed on to marry, move to the prairies, have four children, and eventually die in the great flu epidemic of 1918. But we can’;t find out what happened to the rest of her family of seven—did they also die of the flu? Did they move back to Romania? Did they change their names? Language barriers and distance have prevented us so far from discovering more. But we will carry on trying! Good luck with your searches. It sounds as if you have been very successful!


  3. My husband was a student of genealogy and he did a lot of research for both of us. We both have an Irish ancestry and as much as I hate to travel, I would love to go to Ireland someday.


  4. Finding things about yourself and your family is always so fascinating
    I’d love to do mine but I’m sure the language barrier would be an issue so I haven’t made any inquiries


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