This is the situation today

Let’s just say, that trying to find something to wear (that fits properly) has been challenging

All this going away – doing nothing- eating differently

Can be fun – BUT

Getting the pep talk ….again….from the GP is not good ‘I’m not saying you’re obese, maybe a little overweight’

So as well as a change in attitude,  Santa is going to bring me – new runners, dumb bell weights, resistance rubber bands, a new pass for the pool plus determination and a bit of oomph to round it all off 😊😎

A new someone to do the meal planning and cooking would be nice but that’s the one thing I really do have to take personal responsibility for!

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    1. I think a change of ‘eating’ attitude would be the way to go EC. I have heard good things about the way you’ve suggested so maybe I’ll look into it.
      Lol you just reminded me of the Belts r Us franchise I saw in London years ago! A woman was buying one to do just that – hold up her trousers!


  1. While it did not make a huge difference, we began eating less for dinner when it was served on the table and not on a plate. You take a little and can always go back for more, but we found you tend not to. You were probably brought up to clean up everything on your plate, so maybe it is mind thing.


    1. I’m cooking a smaller amount Andrew – almost to the point of…..3 beans each, 2 sprouts each, cut a carrot in half = 2 portions. It’s the cakes and pastries that will have to stop coming in the door. Yes, see food and eat 😊


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