Paper or no paper?

Yes that is the question……but first let me explain.

It’s been about four months since I used the library – what with going up north earlier in the year – having company when we got home – and then going off again for a few more weeks, it wasn’t necessary.  I did read during this time but not borrowed library books – well, that’s not quite true, I did borrow from the Bowen library but I didn’t take any up from here – library books that is.  As well as the few paperbacks I took to read on the cruise (and left in the book exchange) I wasn’t short of reading matter because there was a library onboard plus the book exchange cupboard and I also had books on my iPad.

And that was a very long winded way of relating the reason why I visited my local library last Saturday morning for the first time in over 4 months 🙂

With only a few letters to go I’m determined to finish the author A-Z challenge I started at the beginning of the year – these last four K, Q, V, & Y are what I call odd ones (given myself permission to forget about X)  so it was a quick look down the shelves to find something that fitted the bill and also appealed.

Job done, four books in hand it was on to the self serve check out desk.

Not our library but similar check out machine.

These were introduced quite a few years ago now and at the time they were resisted by lots of the members who still continued to lined up to see if the librarian would do the deed at her desk but now are used as a matter of course.  The librarians do (willingly) assist some of the older members but once shown how just about everyone does it themselves.

Account found, books on the sensor pad, attached to account, all finished except for the paper slip with names and return dates.  That’s when I noticed an extra dialogue box on the screen.

Would I like this emailed to me?

Oh decisions….decisions 🙂

Now we’ve had downloadable books (digital books/eBooks) for what seems like a long long time ….we might not like the paperless books but these days nobody gives them a second thought.  But this was something new…….something I had to think about

That paper receipt with the book and return date information often serves as a bookmark – trouble is it often has a habit of losing itself so unless I’ve marked the returns date on the calendar I have to chase it up online at the library site.   If all that information came by email I’d have it right there in my inbox – but I’d lose my handy little bookmark.  The one I often mislaid in amongst other little bits of paper lying about on the table next to my chair!

Knowing my habit of putting things down and promptly losing them

Knowing I actually already have oodles of bookmarks I could use

I chose the paperless option 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here we are on Monday, the day when I sit and muse about life and happenings.

I’m wondering if I’m still a resistant old stick in the mud who dislikes change….. because I had to actually think about the book name/date option or was I just confused because I hadn’t been around when that option was introduced?

What about you – are you changing your ways as new alternatives arise or do you still like things the way they were?


13 Replies to “Paper or no paper?”

  1. I guess they are giving you a choice. Some things you have to go with the change they
    don’t give you a choice but I personally think this one is a good change.


  2. I myself hate this reliance on the internet. I much prefer ‘real’ things doing it the old fashioned way. Call me a dinosaur, I don’t mind.


  3. I like my paper slips as it is a record of books I have borrowed and I often go back to borrow again as 3 weeks is our limit for borrowing the books and it is never long enough for me.
    I change if I think the change is for the better for me if not I stay as I am.


  4. I like the mod cons mostly. It’s when they change things just change them I don’t like. Make it better. Yes please. Change just confuse people. Well sod off I say lol
    Does that make me an old grumpy woman


  5. our library service has “own page” (web presence) and you can even look at your reading history which is quite nice, if you want to order a book (pickup at library) and can’t rmember if you’ve read it…


  6. An A-Z reading challenge sounds fun, Cathy. I can see why you might have to skip x though! I forgo the paper print out from our local library as it saves on a bit of paper, I’d probably lose it anyways! Meg:)


  7. You are a thoroughly modern woman, taking from the www as is your want, but you haven’t forgotten the old and more classy style. I am now reading my first paperback for some years. I have another lined up to read, but otherwise Ebooks work well for me.


  8. I read five newspapers a day and subscribe to six periodical magazines. I also buy hard copy of books that I wish to keep in my small library for reference purposes but, mostly buy kindle books that I can store with Amazon’s storage facility after I have finished reading. There are other changes that I have made like online banking, online shopping, using Uber and Ola cab services etc but, still miss the old ways of doing things.


  9. I still keep paper files of certain investments and bank statements, but tend to do everything else online. Eventually, I would like to quit all paperwork, and join the modern world! Life wouldn’t be any easier, but I would certainly need less room!


  10. I tend to be slow in adopting new technologies and new options but once I try them I almost always love them.
    I would pick the email but because I hate a cluttered inbox I would make a folder for library things and then probably forget it existed!


  11. I download audio books from the library and save tons and tons of money every year. I like audio books because I can clean house, etc and listen at the same time.


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