Now why did I say that?

I’d just handed over some recently finished woollies and was sitting at the table laughing with other ladies (and one fella) at my Thursday night charity knitting group when I hear the words come out of my mouth.

“I’ll think about it”

Before then making knitted toys had never entered my mind – I’m more of a winter woolie person – yet I could hear all the others chattering and looking at ideas online so before the end of the evening  “I’ll think about it” became more of “I’ll see what I can come up with” lol

So many ‘things’ i thought of had so many pieces – little fiddly pieces to be sew together.  I needed something simple.  Easy to make  without worrying how it would turn out/if I’d make a hash of it.  A few hours on the net and a few coffees later

This is what I came up with.

Yes it’s a little Teddy – similar to but not the actual pattern of the one associated with the emergency charity.  Trademarked so too many restrictions on the use of that one – besides I liked the look of this one rather than theirs.

It’s strange but I’m happy to go out of my comfort zone if it’s my idea but always feel at a disadvantage when others suggest it.  This little fella has proved to me I should have got over that at my age.  I shouldn’t have to ‘think about it’ …..I should just get on and do it.!!

And if you look above – there on the left hand side of the photo is the start of another one

I’ll get on with it shortly- just have to give Ted a face first.  He needs to be able to smile at the child he is given to doesn’t he😊


8 thoughts on “Now why did I say that?

  1. I think he’s wonderful
    Do you remember when I tried to knit a toy used the wrong yarn and needles and ended up knitting a toddler!
    Two in fact as I did two at once lol
    Both went under the Kmart Christmas tree. I’m sure some little girls loved them
    Well I hope lol


  2. Your sweaters are fab, of course, and the little teddie is precious. It looks perfectly pocket sized!


  3. I have been looking at these bears on YouTube and was going to make a couple for Xmas. I can see how the pattern goes and could easily wing it. They look cute and cuddly
    Good job!


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