Do you see what I see??

It’s time to do some Thinking on this Thursday morning.

Fed up with boxes and consequences of maybe the wrong ones being picked I resorted to dear old social media to provide me with some totally mindless matters 😊

Not a box to be found – or at least where I was looking – however squares popped up instead

I have no idea what the correct answer to this question is because each time I start to count I lose track of which squares I’ve identified lol

So what do you think?  Just for a laugh why not have a go and see what you come up with.

(Maybe 11 ??)

15 thoughts on “Do you see what I see??

    1. Maybe Joan. I looked hard and long at the site where it was originally posted and couldn’t find an answer anywhere. All it said was ‘count the squares’ – not the rectangles 😊


    1. That’s what I found as well – but no actual answer was given on the website. I certainly can’t find anymore than 11 – like Clive my eyes were getting as confused as I was lol

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    1. Cathy, I’m beginning to think there is no right or wrong answer. Looking at the image it says – How many squares do you see – I see 11….you see 10 ….who’s to say we’re both right 🙂


  1. It all hinges on whether you are also counting “rectangles.” I find these sorts of “games” rather irritating.


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